Strain Integrity

According to Leafly,  ” Northern Lights stands among the most famous strains of all time, a pure indica cherished for its resinous buds, fast flowering, and resilience during growth. Itself a descendant of indigenous Afghani and Thai landrace strains, Northern Lights has given rise to famous hybrids like Shiva Skunk and Super Silver Haze. Rumor has it that Northern Lights first sprouted near Seattle, Washington, but was propagated out of Holland after 1985 at what is now Sensi Seeds.

Pungently sweet, spicy aromas radiate from the crystal-coated buds, which sometimes reveal themselves in hues of purple. Northern Lights’ psychoactive effects settle in firmly throughout the body, relaxing muscles and pacifying the mind in dreamy euphoria. Comfortable laziness allows patients to relieve pain and sleeplessness, while its mellow contentment roots out depression and stress.

Northern Lights has a legendary status and this was an opportunity to try a bona fide classic.  It was a big disappointment.   Effects were on point but with low intensity.

Not a Royal High for Northern Lights

This was the most expensive strain purchased to date.  At over $17 a gram you would think this will knock your socks off?  I like the name “Royal High.”

The grey market producers like Lotus Collective selling on is better, way better.  Yea, treemo has shut down in their bid to go legal so no access to these producers.  But, their rendition is really psychedelic.    It sparkles like Northern Lights.  No sparkle here with Royal High.

Although this version of Northern Lights is not psychedelic, it does get you high.  It is just that at $17 a gram, I am expecting quad like effects … high high intensity.  This is very middle of the road worth about $6 to $7 a gram type of high product.

Who knows?  Maybe, you will like it.  I didn’t.

Northern Lights

by Royal High

Another dry and odorless flower from an LP, which is the norm.  Unlike the grey market where there is an effort to ship as fresh as possible, LPs’ products are dry and brittle.  But, it does not seem to detract from the high.  The taste, however, is sub optimal as properly maintained humidity level for dry flowers is important for optimal taste just like a good cigar.

Quality: 7.o


Duration: 6.8

Total: 6.8

Cost: $17.25 a gram

Royal High scored a 7.0 for quality because it does exhibits the strain’s key characteristics.  Quality is based on adhering to Leafly’s strain description.