Strain Integrity

According to Symbl, “Solar Power by Symbl is a Sour Kush–like strain grown indoors in Paris, Ont., that’s known for its dense green and yellow buds. This true hybrid smells of lemon and pine, with a taste that includes tangy citrus, earthy wood and hints of diesel, all created by a terpene profile that includes beta-pinene and limonene. It has very strong THC potency and is available in various dried flower sizes.”

A proprietary hybrid from Paris Ontario

Solar Power is a sativa hybrid delivering a medium strength high.  The high is similar to the classic sativa high from strains like Hempstar or King Tut but at about 65% of those two legendary strains.

This is the first proprietary strain from an LP tried and this particular strain would be good for a walking the dog or hiking.  There is some euphoria and for the most part muted as there were no standout characteristics.


Solar Power by SYMBL

This batch is dry.

Quality: 7.0 (compared to old school classic sativa)

Intensity: 6.8

Duration: 7.0

Total: 7.0

Cost: $34.10 for 3.5 grams

Can you see the stalk in the picture?  Yea, the trim could be better.

The high is good for walks and conversation.  Given a lower intensity, it may be more enjoyable with novice users.