Strain Integrity

According to LBS description, “Sunset is a frosty, indica-dominant strain with dark green colouration and medium-sized buds. This strain was selected for its wide range of terpenes that smell like spicy peppers and cloves.

Should really be called “Sunrise”

Sunset by Leafs by Snoop (LBS) is a brand by Tweed.  Sunset is an Indica but it behaves like an awesome Sativa.  We think it should be called Sunrise given the high energy level of the high.  You will not be going to sleep anytime soon with this Sunset.

The high profile starts with an immediate lift and a smooth ascend to the cruising altitude over the first 15 minutes.  If you were tired, you will not be tired after Sunset.  The “high” fills you with energy, which is not very Indica and that is the beauty of this strain.  The Indica contribution is the forcefulness of the high.  It is one of this enveloping highs.  Euphoria and happiness kicks in half an hour into it and is the dominant feature of the high.  It is so Sativa to this point.  Body high is minimal.

There is a bit of headband effect half an hour into it.  The energy level maintains the high with no noticeable degradation in the first hour.  Relaxation emerges as the high progress.  Imagine feeling energetic and relax at the same time.  There is cerebral stimulation but not overwhelming enough to cause anxiety.

This is truly a unique strain.  We like it a lot.  It can be a go to strain for daily users.  You can start the day with a Sunset.  There is literally no activity that does not work with this strain.  You want to do Yoga on Sunset?  Go for a 10k run?  You can.  Perfect event for Sunset would be an evening out dancing and partying.  Filled with energy, euphoria and relaxed, what more do you want?  Music is amazing with this strain.

Negatives?  It could be more intense?  It is hard to be negative when the high is so positive.  For what the strain is and the high, it is a staple because it does not burn you out.  The high energy level filled with euphoria is a good base for a partying event.  As the evening progress, off course, the heavy Indicas should be on the menu to complete the evening.  Sunset is a good strain as just a basic strain for a good party time.  It is not overwhelming but the high is undeniably filled with sustained euphoria.


by LBS from Tweed

We are impressed with the LBS brand.  Sunset is truly unique in taste and high.  Did we say we really like it?  The duration is as expected but the lack of degradation over the first hour and the descend over the second hour is almost unnoticeable because of the energy level maintains the high.  You feel the high the entire two hours.  It is truly a very nice experience.

THC: 19.3%

Quality: 8.4

Intensity: 8.2

Duration: 8.5

Total: 8.4

Cost: $39.40 for 3.5 grams

Not to sound like a broken record, the flowers were dry and brittle.  There is a slight fragrance as described by LBS.  Otherwise, this strain should provide a satisfying experience for all types of users.

Market notes would include Canopy delivering on premium products.  LBS is a licensed brand from Snoop.  The majors like Canopy Aurora and Aphria have acquired premium growers to provide substance to their product line.  If you were evaluating Canopy, you can check it off LBS is going to be a revenue generator.  This is a big positive for Canopy.