Strain Integrity

Houndstooth is a proprietary greenhouse-grown Sativa strain from Tweed.   We are always suspicious of proprietary strains especially one that says very little about the strain, which is the case here.  Accordingly from Tweed, ” Greenhouse-grown Houndstooth from Tweed is a sativa-dominant strain with medium THC potency. Its buds have a purple hue and a complex aroma created by a terpene profile that includes myrcene (earthy), beta-caryophyllene (clove-like) and alpha-pinene (piney).

A staple from Tweed?

Houndstooth has been available everyday since Oct 17.  It can only mean they have lots.  It can also mean that this is Tweed go to strain and it is meant to be a staple, a strain that define the Producer.  We noted there are a few strains like this on the OCS offering like Banana Split from Aurora.  This is a staple strain from Tweed.

The flowers look like sativa as characterized by a more leafy and less dense.  The taste is unique and similar to LBS Sunset, an Indica also from the same producer Canopy Growth.  The sativa and indica literally taste the same.  We don’t really mind the taste and it is smooth.

Euphoric and relaxed are the dominant effects.  Energy level is low to medium and mental focus decays to a hazy state after an hour.  The high intensity is medium and maintains its level for an hour before decaying.

Houndstooth is good for a starter to the day but there are better strains for that.  Walking the dog or getting some chores done are appropriate activities but the decay after an hour is more indica like which is slightly tiring.


Houndstooth by Tweed

We are not sure this strain hits the mark of a go to strain.  The taste is unique to Tweed as LBS Sunset taste the same … exactly the same.  It is interesting because one is a Sativa and the other is an Indica.  And, they taste exactly the same.  Go figure ….

For a Sativa it started out right but the end is an Indica like crash.   We did not like the strong hazy mental state in the last hour of the high.  The high is a bit less than two hours as the decline at the 90 min mark is a mental state of stupor.  This is not good for a strain label as Sativa.

Quality: 6.5

Intensity: 6.5

Duration: 6.5

Total: 6.5

Cost: $35.15 for 3.5 grams

The unique taste is the highlight of Houndstooth.  But, LBS Sunset also taste exactly the same and that is an Indica.  Weird.  The high is okay for the first hour as the traditional Sativa effects were prominent.  It is what comes after the first hour and the decay into a hazy mental stupor is undesirable for a Sativa.  Sadly, Sunset hits and ends more like a Sativa than Houndstooth.