Strain Integrity

According to Leafly’s short and sweet description, “Wappa is a 60% indica-dominant hybrid bred by Paradise Seeds that delivers happy, uplifting effects alongside an intense fruity flavor.

According to 7 Acres, “The 7ACRES sun-enriched growing methodology encourages terpene development which adds to the complexity and depth of Wappa’s aroma. Look for notes of tropical citrus and earth in this indica-dominant hybrid.

We observe the the product was not bone dry and full of fragrance.  The scent of heavy indica dominating the citrus fragrance in the background is strong.  It has a strong herbal medicinal fragrance.

An uplifting Indica dominant hybrid

The smoke is smooth of medium heaviness and citrus lingering in the background.  The high comes on fairly fast as you can feel the effects after the third and fourth inhalation.  The lift is steady and within ten minutes you know it is hitting hard.  The first half hour would go by fast as the high is euphoric and energetic.  There is also some cerebral stimulation.

The Indica effects emerges about 45 minutes into the high.  You feel the body muscle relaxing.  A stronger haziness replaces the “Hello how are you wake up high!” with a more chilled state of being.    The high decline is noticeable after about an hour 15 minutes into a relaxed state of mind and body.   Wappa by 7 Acres delivers a two hour high with a smooth relaxed landing.  There is little tiredness at the end, which is great for an Indica day time use.

Expected effects were on point.  Over a two hour period, the user will experience some of the best Sativa and Indica traits.  The beginning part was particularly enjoyable.  The middle part when the haziness kicks in is less memorable.  The ending is relaxing and puts the user in a very chill mood.  The tiredness indicative of Indica is negligible.


Wappa by 7 Acres

This is another quality product from 7 Acres.  Wappa is an interesting Indica dominant hybrid.  It is always enjoyable to experience a high energy Indica much like Ultra Sour.  Wappa fits into our mid-day rotation, or 2nd or 3rd place in the day.  This does not work well for first in the rotation because of it’s Indica heritage.  Typically, we recommend Sativa for the first rotation … as in the first joint of the day.

Quality: 8.5

Intensity: 8.0

Duration: 8.0

Total: 8.2

Cost: $35.30 for 3.5 grams

THC: 20.88%

CBD: 0.03%

This is a strain for chilling out.  Imagine a nice late summer morning with beaming sun and blue sky, this would be a nice strain to enjoy that moment even more.  It is best used when there is little to do but relax and chill.

From an investment perspective, 7 Acres is the grower behind Supreme Cannabis with ticker symbol “FIRE” on the Toronto Stock Exchange.  If you like Wappa, FIRE is a direct play to the quality.  We really like FIRE.