Strain Integrity

According to Leafly, “DelaHaze by Paradise Seeds is a 70% sativa strain bred from Mango Haze and California Lemon Skunk genetics. To the delight of commercial growers, DelaHaze has the energetic effect profile of a Haze sativa while still offering sizeable yields and a moderate flowering time. Mango and citrus notes express themselves loudly and bring a sweet overtone to the strain’s earthy, spicy aroma. Staying true to its Haze genetics, this sativa delivers uplifting cerebral energy that fuels creativity, focus, and happiness, and then tapers into calm relaxation in time.”

According to FLOWR, “Mango and citrus notes provide a sweet overtone to the earthy, spicy aromas in this hand-trimmed, hang-dried BC Delahaze from Flowr. It’s a sativa-dominant green and orange strain with very strong THC potency and a terpene profile that includes alpha-pinene, myrcene, trans-caryophyllene, terpinene and nerolidol.

Packaged on October 10, 2918, with THC at 17.11% (range between 15.0% to 24.0%), the product was dry but not bone dry turning to dust.  There is some fragrance.

Non irradiated cannabis makes a difference?

This is the first non irradiated product we have tried.  80% of Canadian legal cannabis are irradiated to meet Health Canada standards for mold and other microbial contaminants.  FLOWR differentiates by growing in a pharmaceutical grade environment where their products do not have to be irradiated.   Aphria uses irradiation and determined the reduction of some terpenes is a limited reduction and acceptable.

The high starts slow even though the lightness of mind begins after four or five inhalations.  The high is a light sativa happy feeling to begin with but it will build over the next half hour.  This is a creeper as the euphoria and energy kicks in between the 15 and 30 minute mark.  There is zero body high indicating the purity of the sativa genetics.

For a creeper, this BC DelaHaze is a long one.   Essentially, you peak well after the half hour mark.  After 45 minutes, you are in a deep altered state without realizing it because it took so long to creep up.  The entire process is very enjoyable especially if there is someone there to converse with.  The duration profile for this strain is a build for half an hour to a peak high and that peak level continues for 30 minutes before you notice any degradation.   The degradation is another half hour which takes the experience to 90 minutes before you feel the end is coming.  This is one of the nicest duration profile we have encountered.

OK, is it better than irradiated?  We have no idea.  This is a very good sativa strain.  The taste is nothing outstanding.  It is a bit harsh, which maybe the curing.  The high is good as the coffee replacement in the morning, or getting your butt moving and all the chores done (unlike Sour Jack from Whistler Cannabis we do not think you should waste such an amazing high doing chores but this strain is good for chores), get on that treadmill (although we advise against working out and getting high at the same time because a really good workout requires a high level of discomfort which would feel awful when you are high), write a novel, or just spending time with a good friend.  Happy, euphoric, energetic, focused and uplifted are the profile of DelaHaze and FLOWR delivers all of them.


BC DelaHaze by FLOWR

We were very excited to try FLOWR’s products because it was not irradiated.  There is nothing outstanding with the taste.  But, the high was a really nice sativa experience that has staying power.  We are not sure if that is a function of being not irradiated or just good growing techniques?  We rather have the full terpenes profile rather than a 20% to 60% reduction in some terpene profile as a result of gamma irradiation.

THC content was 17.11% out of a range between 15% to 24%.  Good growers would pull THC content near the max of the genetic envelope like Whistler Cannabis or Broken Coast.  But, we are not paying $80 for 3.5 grams.  So, this is a good sativa we would consider a potential Go-To strain because there is no tiredness at the end and it has a long duration profile with a very pleasant sativa experience.  The only downside is it is expensive for what it is.  WEEDMD products are just as good and literally half the price.

Quality: 7.5

Intensity: 6.8

Duration: 9.0

Total: 7.8

Cost: $54.75 for 3.5 grams

From an investment opportunity, we like where FLOWR is sitting.  This is a pure grower play and if you like their products you may want to consider investing in them.  At the end of 2018, they were running at 20% capacity.  Tom Flow, the Founder also co-founded MedReleaf and we also like MedReleaf’s products.  We like BC DelaHaze from FLOWR and it will be a part of our trading portfolio.  We think the product pricing is too high so we don’t own much and will trade around it.  We own WEEDMD right after our reviews in October 2018 and continue to hold WEEDMD.  This is why we review strains.  (I bet you thought the review was to get high and have a good time … shame on you.)