Strain Integrity

According to the OCS description, “Blue Jack City from Whistler Cannabis Co. is a sativa-dominant strain with very strong THC potency potential that’s grown indoors in British Columbia under LED lighting. Its main terpene is limonene (also found in citrus fruits and juniper).

Blue Jack City is a proprietary strain from Whistler Cannabis.  The closes strain we could find is Blue Jack.  According to Leafly, Blue Jack is “A cross between the legendary Jack Herer and DJ Short Blueberry, Blueberry Jack has something special to offer in both flavor and effect. Sweet, candied blueberry flavors invade on the inhale while the earthy, piney exhale reminds you of this strain’s Jack heritage. A lively sativa buzz typically dominates Blueberry Jack’s effect profile, with just enough physical relaxation to keep you grounded. Blueberry Jack offers an easy escape from stress and bad moods, keeping you positive and motivated through the day.”  The high profile is very similar to Blue Jack.

Another coffee replacement?

As expected from a Tier 1 producer, the buds look sexy with resinous glands covered in a light layer of THC coating.  Only two LPs from out experience delivers similar quality products, Broken Coast and Whistler Cannabis.  Like all Whistler Cannabis products, Blue Jack City shipped with a humidity pack.  THC content on this batch was 19.8% and 0.04% CBD.  This is a cheesy smelling and tasting strain.

This is a strain for the morning for it’s light elevating cerebral high, which is perfect for a coffee replacement.   The only draw back as a morning coffee replacement is that it has a strong couch lock effect.  The high takes about 10 minutes after inhalation to come into full effect, which is fast.  Time dilation is most intense after 10 minutes and overwhelms your sense of time for a good half an hour.  You would think an hour has gone by but only the first half half hour have past.

There is a strong of couch lock and you can feel a little bit of body high for the first hour.  There is medium levels of euphoria, uplift (mental lightness of mind) and energy but you will find it hard to get things done.

We found it difficult to identify the best type of occasions for this strain to shine.   We would use it as a morning coffee replacement but the couch lock effect makes it difficult to get going.  You are happy, euphoric, clear minded, energetic and couch locked.    Given all these attributes, we believe this strain would be perfect for a beautiful sunny Sunday morning and there is nothing but relaxation ahead.


Blue Jack City by Whistler Cannabis

This is a difficult strain to review because it has strong sativa characteristics paired with a strong debilitating couch lock effect.    The Leafly description of Blue Jack is a perfect description of Blue Jack City’s high experience.   The duration of the high is a solid two hours with degradation after the first hour tapering to a relax body and mind after two hours.  There is little tiredness at the end, which is great.

At 19.8% THC, this is at the low end of the genetic capabilities, which is between 19% to 24%.  It really does smells and tastes cheesy.

Quality: 8.2

Intensity: 8.2

Duration: 8.0

Total: 8.1

Cost: 3.5 grams for $79.30

This is a good strain but relative to the other product offering from Whistler Cannabis this fails to capture the Go To strain award.  We prefer Chocolope as a morning coffee replacement from Whistler Cannabis.   For the reader’s reference, other strains from the OCS that we rated as morning coffee replacements are Ultra Sour, DelaHaze, Jack Herer, Wappa and Jean Guy, to name a few.    If you have tried these strains, you will have an idea what we are trying to capture as the ideal coffee replacement strain.  The ideal coffee replacement has to have high energy, clear focus mind, creative, happy and euphoric.  Not asking a lot, right?

On an investment note, it just happened today, May 13, 2019, Cronos reported and the results were awful.   They had a few one time gains one of which was a $20 million gain from the sale of Whistler Medical Marijuana Corp. (WMMC) to Aurora for $130 million.  WMMC is the oldest dispensary in Canada with a legendary reputation on the West Coast.   So, not much here to see if you want to make money from Whistler Cannabis (the recreational brand for WMMC).

We are really SAD to see Master Growers like WMMC and Broken Coast selling out to suits.  It maybe the best outcome for WMMC as they locked in and monetized their value to the tune of $130 million.  For us public investors, our play on WMMC is Aurora, which is not very appetizing because it has a huge goodwill representing how much they overpaid.   We know, however, for Aurora there is some real underlying value with the ownership of WMMC.  The great news is Aurora is a very liquid stock making it a perfect trading stock.