Strain Integrity

According to Pure Sunfarms, ” Created on Vancouver Island by way of the Kootenays, Island Honey showcases notes of honeyed spices (cinnamon, cloves), lemon curd, candied ginger, and rosewood.

With high THC potential, our Island Honey was created on Vancouver Island, by way of the Kootenays. A sativa-dominant hybrid, it is a cross between a select phenotype of Jack Herer (Northern Lights x Shiva Skunk) from BC’s interior, with Early Pearl, another sativa-dominant strain known to thrive in the cool climate conditions of the Island. Under a carpet of milky trichomes, the leaves range in colour from bright fern to deep emerald green, tangled with delicate amber pistils. Island Honey offers aromas and flavours of sweet spices (caryophyllene), honey (myrcene), and lemon curd (humulene).

A good table wine equivalent?

We did not know this was the vegetable farmers until we started our review and research.  We had tried Emerald Health’s products and it was awful.  Literally today Oct 15, 2019, we read there is a law suit between Emerald Health and Village Farms, the main owner of Pure Sunfarms.  The law suit was failure to purchased contracted amount to the tune of $7 million.   Looks like Emerald could not sell vegetable farmer products and Village Farms is suing?  Is this not comical?  Vegetable farmers producing hay and can’t sell it?

Sigh.  Here we go with the review.

It actually is not that bad.  It is better than the Emerald Health Hash Plant that we reviewed.   But, that is not saying anything given Hash Plant got one of the lowest ratings from us at 4.3.

This Island Honey smell more like hay gone bad.  It comes in an envelope packaging, which is becoming the odd style.  While we may have laughed at hard shelled containers initially, the premium flowers, however, deserves that treatment.   The buds are dry … powder dry.  We don’t see much of these types today.   Overall presentation and product satisfaction was sub optimal.

The taste is not too far off from the smell.

The high starts quickly and by the 10 minute mark you basically have hit the peak.  The difference between this weak strain and other weak strains is that the high from this Island Honey is more enveloping, meaning you can feel the presence of the high at all times even though it is weak.    There is some energy level and your body feel lighter.  There is decent amount of cerebral stimulation and prefect for doing monotonous chores.

The duration of the high is about two hours and there is little noticeable decline because you really didn’t go to high.   The high is enveloping and there is a sense of happiness and uplift.  The difference between this and a premium product is that all these effects are amplified.  Here while the effects are present it is muted, or dulled.  Having said that, this strain works as table wine.

We cannot have premium product and experience every time, or can we?  Off course not.  There are many occasions when you just want to get some unpleasant duties done, this is perfect for it.  This is also good for novice as an introduction to cannabis.


Island Honey by Pure Sunfarms

Generally when we have nothing good to say we should shut the f**k up.   It is not that this Island Honey is terrible, it’s the motivation behind producing this product.  It makes us ill.  If you don’t use it, why do you grow and sell it?

Now “that” is out of our system, this Island Honey (18.3% THC)  is a better product than the Hash Plant (12.0% THC).   Obviously, the vegetable farmers are improving as they should.

Our photographer made the product look better than it actually is.  The 3.5 grams were essentially pop corn buds with shakes.  The smell is like dry hay with an unpleasant background scent.  It tastes like it smelled.   So, overall visual and smell is poor.

The “high” surprisingly is there?  You are high.  You can do stuff with a smile.  It has an all enveloping feel, which we attribute to the 18% THC level.  There is time distortion.  What is missing is the depth of effects as the peak occurs with in 15 minutes and maintain for the rest of high.  The peak is a low persistent feeling of uplift, clarity of mind and creativity.  These are all good effects but they are flat not zingy like the premium products.

THC:  18.3%

Quality:  5.8

Intensity: 5.0

Duration: 6.9

Total:  5.9

Cost:  $32.15 for 3.5 grams

It appears there is a lot more to growing than meet the eyes.  Just because you love plants does not mean you can grow cannabis.  How do you improve when you do not consume but depend on someone’s translation to produce the best product?  Sorry, we are back on that wagon again.

This is a competitive product against the Edison brands?    If you like Edison, you may like this?  Begrudgingly, this is not a bad table wine equivalent.   We think there are better alternatives in the same price range … RIFF DT81 … not even close.  Yeah, you get a way bigger bang for your buck with RIFF DT81.  You get champagne instead of table wine.

Pure Sunfarms is owned by Village Farms.  Village Farms produce vegetables.  Pure Sunfarms is also own by Emerald Health.  They are suing each other because the product is not selling.  Should we go on?  Exactly.  Nothing to see here please move along.