Strain Integrity

According to Leafly, “Rockstar, a cross between Rockbud and Sensi Star, is a potent indica-dominant hybrid that delivers strong effects without debilitating sedation. With aromatic notes of spice and grape, Rockstar is a favorite medicine for headaches, pain, and sleep disorders. Its powerful body and cerebral effects make Rockstar popular among growers, who typically harvest their outdoor plants in mid-October.

According to Grail, ” Descendant of Sensi Star and Rockbud, Grail Rockstar is a go-to for heavy indica lovers. The aroma of spice and grape will accompany the heavy sedative effects.

Packaged on August 5, 2019, with THC content of 20.3%, the Grail Rockstar strain has a strong medicinal scent reflecting the Indica genetics.  Over all visual appeal was high something we find with growers who respect Cannabis as a herb.

BAM! Hello? Are you OK?

This is the first impression “BAM!” Here I am!  I am a Rockstar!

This strain hits HARD and FAST.  It’s an Indica with energy like a Rockstar.   It has a heady head high, a lightness of mind and head, dominating the introduction.  There’s also good uplift, a sense of well being and an an underlying euphoria.  A really good rendering of a strain is when you can feel all the expressions (energy, uplift, euphoria) in prime time.   This is a herb.  It is not a plant.

We really like Rockstar as a strain because of the energy and uplift.  This rendition from Grail hits all the Rockstar’s key expressions out of the ball park.  Half an hour into the high, happiness emerges.  You are now happy, uplifted, energetic and euphoric to create a very social person, which is perfect for partying.  Cerebral focus is not the clearest but who cares at this point.  We are now in party mode.  You would be challenged to keep track of an object with accuracy because you are intoxicated.  Time dilation is strong.

Test amount was 0.26 grams.  THC content was 20.3%.  If you are a reader and have tried this strain and you think “I didn’t feel that.”  You are right.  We have tried this under a number of conditions and we did not observe these aspects of the high experience.   It was only when we dedicated three hours for the sole purpose of recording the high experience can we notice these effects.  When we consume Rockstar under different conditions, the high experience is just a layer over whatever we are doing at that time.  If we are shopping under the influence of Rockstar, we have list to remember and locations of products and we are not thinking about what is changing.  The shopping experience under the influence of Rockstar would just translate to a fun time for us.  But when we sit down and focus, this is what we experience and it’s amazing.

OK.  This is a good time strain.  The name is so appropriate, Rockstar.

Hitting the 45 minute mark, the indica effect starts to creep in.  There is a body relaxation emerging in the background.  There is energy to keep you from being grounded (heavy Indica can make you feel lethargic and sleepy) but the Indica is here.

The initial ending is a soft landing.  After two hours, your body feels very relaxed.  If you were to lay down, you may drift off into a pleasant sleep, or not.  The Indica effects are there but it is not as strong as other Indicas.  Past the 3 hour mark for the touchdown,  your head hitting the ground becomes a real danger.  The Indica heavy lethargic sleepy effect kicks in full force to take you down.  It’s nothing a strong cup of coffee could not overcome, which is what we did.  Overall experience was very satisfying.


Rockstar by Grail

A new star grower is born and the name is Grail.  Yea, at $48 for 3.5 grams it is on the high end of the pricing.  But, what we really care about at this point is the quality and this is a top shelf product.  This is one of the best rendition of Rockstar we have tried.  We have now tried two strains from Grail and they are both very good.

THC: 20.3%

Quality: 8.4

Intensity: 8.2

Duration: 8.8

Total: 8.5

Cost: $48.00 for 3.5 grams

The only bad thing we can say is that it is expensive.  Given we are still moving towards a market equilibrium, pricing is not something that is important because it is a moving target.  For small producers, they can price it at whatever they wish because supply is limited.  If you have huge production and inventory, you will price more aggressively to get rid of most likely crappy products.

We are waiting for the good products with reasonable pricing and they are coming.  RIFF is one of those new lower cost high effect products.   But, RIFF is owned by Aphria, a cannabis consolidator. Pricing is all over the place and so is quality.  It is a buyers beware market.  Market pressure will bring pricing down with the next year and you can BET on that.  Emergence of craft growers over the next couple of years is greatly anticipated.

On an investment note, our cursory research into Grail turned up little.  As far as we can tell, Grail is a private licensed grower.  Our message to them “Keep doing what you are doing.  Don’t go public until you have at least $30 million in revenues.  Do you know why?  What is the difference between private and public?  Why do you go public or stay private?”  If you need any insights into the capital markets, you can always drop us a line :)   This is more valuable than getting capital because we can tell you the nuances of each capital structure and its source.   We can offer you capital but anyone can do that.  We want to see you successful because we love your products.  In any case, damn good work Grail!