Strain Integrity

According to Paradise Seeds, the Breeder, ” The buzz is intense, but not overwhelming. It sinks into the body, providing an indica carpet to walk over but never dragging you down. In fact Wappa brings an upful sense of purpose to your day’s proceedings. It has great power, but a benign power that will push you towards the doors of perception with a gentle nudge rather than an elevator free-fall. A good day smoke and one to keep the evening going too. Also popular with medical patients.

According to the OCS website, ” FIGR No. 17, also known as Wappa, is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with very high THC potency potential and a universally appealing flavour profile. FIGR No. 17 has a strong, sweet smell with hints of citrus. Expect an elevated citrus smell once the flower has been broken up. Looking at the flower itself, it is quite dense and assumes a spade-like shape. Amongst the dark green leaves, you’ll find yellow and orange “hairs”, known as pistils. The entire flower is coated in a layer of “crystals” known as trichomes, that give it an almost yellow glow.

Houston, we have a problem …

It took us three days to review FIGR no. 17.  Our first attempt, we forgot we were doing a review until it was too late as half an hour had passed and we missed the recording because we got side tracked hard.  Ugh.  Our second attempt was not any easier as time dilation and short term memory disturbances made the simplest task almost impossible.  We felt like getting caught up in a tidal wave of euphoric lift where you no longer have control over your mind.  The high made it’s mark by the huge surge of bliss for a solid half hour after the inhalation session.  The body high is an uplifting feeling with just the right amount of energy against a backdrop of euphoria.  Time distortion and short term memory loss adds to being totally intoxicated and debilitated.  This is a BAD boy.

For the first half hour, we lost control of ourselves and our minds.  We were NUKED.   It was not until we hit the 45 minute mark that we felt the overwhelming intoxication subsiding.  This is a Sativa experience at it’s best with the knock out punch of an Indica.  If you like Ultra Sour or Sensi Star, this is in the same vein delivering sativa experience with an Indica overwhelming punch.  The uplift is strong with surging euphoria.   If there is a feeling of Heaven, we think this is a good approximation.  Cerebral bliss envelopes your mind after the nuclear explosion.  FIGR No. 17 delivers a relaxed cerebral blissful state otherwise known as Indica land.

The duration of the experience is well into the 3 hour to 4 hour range as the decline is really only noticeable after 90 minutes.  It is truly a very overwhelming and debilitating experience.   Activity pairing should avoid anything that requires focus and purpose.  We do not recommend watching movies because you will not be able to follow any story line.  There is really not much to do but go with the flow enjoying every moment.  This would be perfect for a Friday evening starter to blissfully enter the weekend and rejuvenate.  This is an amazing strain to hang out with good friends listening to music.


FIGR No.17 (Wappa) by FIGR

We are truly humbled by this review experience in two ways.   First, this strain broke the aura of west coast producers we have known and loved.  This review woke us up to the talents of east coast producers with a NUKE.   We had an extremely difficult time writing this review and took three days.  Second, we believed a good cannabis producer must come from the craft grower community and institutions of vegetable farmers cannot succeed.  Maybe farmers who brag they have 40 years of Master Growers experience growing tomatoes cannot succeed, these tobacco farmers can sure grow some crazy good weed.  FIGR proved us wrong that a large publicly traded multi billion agriculture company can deliver a killer cannabis product.  This is very good weed.  We use the street name because this is a nasty heavy hitter that most would describe as “DOPE.”

THC: 18.3%

Quality: 9.9

Intensity: 9.9

Duration: 10.0

Total: 9.93

Cost: $39.75 for 3.5 grams

The Masta Grower of the East has arrived and the name is FIGR.    They are great growers on the East Coast with a very unique twist to their herbs.   It doesn’t get any stronger than this because once you loose your faculties … you are done.  Done is done.  Baked is baked.  Good job!  FIGR.  We are really looking forward to reviewing other FIGR strain.

On an investment note, we are excited to find PYXUS a New York Stock Exchange listed company.  They have a multi billion leaf (tobacco) business.  In our naive minds, we would not have thought an agriculture farmer can produce this level of quality.  They did.  FIGR’s product is new to OCS as a result of excess inventory because they were only selling on the east coast.   We believe investment is always about the people.  We look for amazing growers as a foundation to building a successful business.  By finding the best products we also find the best people.  We found them in FIGR.  Smaller competitors like 7 Acres and FLWR compete in the same high end market segment would have to worry.