Strain Integrity

According to Paradise Seeds, ” The buzz is intense, but not overwhelming. It sinks into the body, providing an indica carpet to walk over but never dragging you down. In fact Wappa brings an upful sense of purpose to your day’s proceedings. It has great power, but a benign power that will push you towards the doors of perception with a gentle nudge rather than an elevator free-fall. A good day smoke and one to keep the evening going too. Also popular with medical patients.

According to Wikileaf, ” Wappa is an indica-leaning hybrid with smooth, relaxing effects and a universally appealing flavor profile. The strain is the creation of Paradise Seeds, who have also fostered Sensi Star and Delahaze, and is derived from a sweetly-scented variety of Skunk. Wappa’s long-lasting potency has earned it accolades like Canada’s Cannabis Champs Cup in 2014 and the Euro Copa de Canarias in 2011. Wappa’s THC content has been measured at between 11% and 22%.

According to Redecan, ” A dense, tightly packed bud, Wappa sets itself apart with large, solid flowers. Wappa has a strong yet sweet aroma that verges on skunkiness, both of which also come through in the Caryophyllene-forward taste profile. This strain is best reserved for nighttime enjoyment.

We are using Wikileaf for the first time over Leafly.  It appears Leafly is going through an identity crises and is re-configuring itself, which is unfortunate.  They are letting their own wheels drive them crazy.  Wikileaf is a curated version of Leafly and we recognize their writing talent.  In addition, we are also adding the breeder’s description of the strain whenever possible.

Hello friend!

Redecan’s White Widow was one of our first LP reviewed on November 2018.   It got a rating of 7.9, which is very good.  We are finally back to Redecan and it’s “Hello my good friend!”  You have got even better at this game.  This Wappa is fresh and attractively priced in grey market terms at $63.65 for a quarter.  THC was a whooping 23.8%!  Filled with fresh citrus spice scent, this Wappa delivers.

The high begins with a gradual changes to our mental state.   We noted the initial impact begins in the head, which can be felt towards the end of the inhalation session as a slight pressure on the brain.  For us, THC content above 20% can produce brain sensations.   If it makes any sense, you can feel the surface of your brain.  There is also an injection of energy that can be felt as a lightness of body.  There is creativity but not at a torrential rate like a sativa that can create a mind lock or trigger an anxiety attack.  The creativity is at a slower pace as your mind thoughts are chilled.  The clear mind slowly turns hazy as the high progress to create a dreamy feel.  At the end of the first half hour, we were transported to Indica land with enough energy to take advantage of this bliss.  There is time dilation and a bit of short term memory impairment but nothing like FIGR’s Wappa, which was dysfunctional.

Activity pairing may include any activity that does not require fine motor movement.  You will not be at your best at any activity that requires mental gymnastic or quick twitch reflexes.  This strain is for relaxing and activities that only requires gross motor movement like walking, which was great for our shopping trip strain review protocol run.  Strains like White Widow and Blue Cheese deliver very similar Wappa effects are ideal for winding down with a bit of energy to enjoy the evening before bed time.

The entire experience was about three hours for us.  There is tiredness at the end, which make this the ideal night time strain.  But, it is also effective in the day time because of the energy level.


Wappa by Redecan

Redecan’s Wappa is a fresh quality product in an affordable price range.   Comparing Redecan to FIGR, we have to conclude THC is not a good indicator for experience.   FIGR with a lower THC content felt much stronger but it is also more expensive.  Redecan Wappa is strong but it is not debilitating.  Both are excellent renditions of Wappa and their prices also reflect the difference in experience.   We see Redecan as a go-to Wappa and FIGR for that special occasion.

THC: 23.8%

Quality: 8.2

Intensity: 8.2

Duration: 8.4

Total: 8.3

Cost:  $33.50 for 3.5 grams

Into Canada’s second year of legal cannabis, we should be seeing the market coalescing around Brands.  Redecan is one of those Brands emerging in the second year.   Redecan is a warm fuzzy story for us.  It’s a family own business with roots in the ACMPR as a licensed producer.   They tried to partner up unsuccessfully and now just produce good cannabis privately.  When you spend your own money, there is a clarity of thought.  When you spend other people’s money like the big public LPs, money tends to burn a hole in the pocket (It is less thoughtful and riskier).    The product delivered today is first rate.  Cannabis 2.0 opened with Redecan Trainwreck as the vape strain to try.  We feel really happy for these folks.

On an investment note, Redecan’s vape buzz signals a new chapter in the cannabis market.  In California’s 2nd year of legalization, flowers lost the Number 1 position going below 50% of cannabis product sold.  Concentrates like vape pens grew rapidly from teens to thirty plus percentage driven predominantly by males with purchase metrics centered on THC levels.  The vape concentrate market should have a meaningful impact on revenue growth.  The grey market will have a difficult time competing against well capitalized competitors buying the best extractors money can buy to produce the best concentrates in volume economically.   But note, the best extraction still has lots of room for improvement and such innovations should come from well capitalized initiatives.  Given the health issues around vaping, consumers may also play safe and go with only legal products.  Finally, we may have the winning recipe for those large LP inventories.