Strain Integrity

According to Leafly, ” God Bud, originally from Jordan of the Islands, is a longtime favorite of cash croppers and medicinal users alike, providing large, dense, purple tinged buds on short, compact plants with heavy branching. A mix of Hawaiian, Purple Skunk, and the mysterious Canadian strain known only as “God,” this strain produces copious amounts of resin and a musky-sweet smell. God Bud is a potent indica-dominant hybrid that provides a strong euphoric high while tasting of tropical fruit with undertones of berry, lavender and pine. This strain was also produced under the name BC God Bud by Canadian outfit BC Bud Depot.

According to Redecan, ” The resin coated bud features an herbal, musky flavour combined with a tropical fruit and undertones of berry, lavender and pine while the odour can be described as tropical, earth and citrusy. This strain should most likely be used primarily in the evening.

A “Name” to impress?

We chose God Bud by Redecan because of its reputation as a highly regarded flower in the Reddit community.   Priced at $33.50 for 3.5 grams with a THC level of 17.7%, this is a price competitive product against the grey market.  At 15 grams, the cost drops to $129.15, which strikes into the grey market volume pricing scheme.  Just based on these metrics, this God Bud by Redecan is a winner.

The “high” starts as an immersive mind stimulation and growing energy to revitalize.  Once the effect kicks in about 10 minutes after the inhalation session, time distortion effect intensifies coupled with some short memory dislocation.  There is energy,  euphoria, uplift and creativity.  The unique proportion of energy, euphoria, uplift and creativity intertwine to create a sense of vibrancy.  This must be the “God” part of the name.  Our test amount was 0.26 grams and the effects were intense but we were still functional.  The taste was smooth and had a bit of flavour.

At the end of the first hour, the mental stimulation slows and a haziness emerges signalling the second phase of the “high” experience.   There is a slight lethargicness feeling in the body and grows in the second hour.  The Indica relaxation is the expressway to bed.  By about an 1.75 hours after we started, the landing is soft and relaxing.

Activity pairing based on our field testing indicate God Bud by Redecan is good for anything and anytime.  There is ample energy to be mobile.  There is creativity and euphoria to add to the moment.  It is a good general purpose strain.  The ending maybe tiring for some people and any activity that ends in bed for those people would be a good thing.


God Bud by Redecan

This is actually our first time trying God Bud and we like it.  We use the word “table wine” a lot and it is not meant to be an inferior label.  Table wine to us is something we use frequently so it has to be good and cost effective.  OK, this is a very good table wine.  Doing a review on a strain like this makes us realize we may be missing the big picture searching for the best strains.  There is a World of alternative diversions and options and God Bud from Redecan is one of them.

THC: 17.7%

Quality: 7.8

Intensity: 7.8

Duration: 7.8

Total: 7.8

Cost: $33.50 for 3.5 grams or $129.15 for 15 grams

Are the Broken Coast, Whistler Medical, FIGR, Qwest and TGOD products costing nearly twice as much that much better?  There is an investor saying “Money can burn a hole in your pocket.”  Translated, when you have lots of money you tend not to make the wisest decisions.  Products from Redecan, WEEDMD (Color Cannabis), Good Supply, Canaca, RIFF, Hexo and their Original Stash, are lower cost with great effects.  Unfortunately, we pay for what we can afford and not what is cost effective.