Strain Integrity

According to Leafly, “ UK Cheese is a popular strain known for its potent, balanced effects and signature musty cheese smell. The flavor is also unique with undertones of berry and spicy cheese (you may have to taste it to find out). This strain is thought to be a specific phenotype of Skunk #1 that was originally cultivated in the early 1990s by a UK collective group known as “Exodus”; as a result, this strain is also known as Exodus Cheese. UK Cheese became popular for its energetic, euphoric head effects combined with an impressive pain relief potential, making it spread quickly beyond the borders of its British home. Most consumers experience alert effects that allow for mental relaxation without sedation, but it may hasten bedtime for some. Effects also tend to be felt in the head first, then spread throughout the body, creating muscle relaxation and some tinglyness. UK Cheese’s flowers are dense and light green with a coat of orange hairs.

A very descriptive experience from Wikileaf, ” U.K. Cheese has quick-acting, euphoric effects that initially lean towards the sativa end of the spectrum. Initially, the strain make itself known with a subtle tingle around the eyes and temples. Additionally, smokers may sense a change in perception, as certain external stimuli take on new intensity or dimensions. As they adjust to these physical sensations, users report an uplift in mood that is not necessarily accompanied by a strong cerebral focus. Instead of zeroing in on any tasks at hand or any swarming ideas, consumers’ minds tend to become rambling and open to suggestibility. This makes U.K. Cheese a great way to spice up otherwise mundane chores or errands. In social settings, the strain can also pave the way for stimulating conversations with like-minded friends. Eventually, these happy, floaty feelings progress into a body high that starts off as tingly, as waves of relaxation begin at the base of the neck and spread downward through the core and limbs. As users feel themselves unwind, they may notice that deep breathing happens more easily and that any muscular tightness is loosened. As the high progresses or as dosage is increased, couchlock becomes more and more likely. In its later stages, U.K. Cheese can be helpful for kicking back after a long day or week of work. Because of its two-stage high, this bud is best enjoyed in the afternoon or early evening when smokers can fully savor the decrescendo into motionless relaxation.

From the OCS website, ” This potent indica-dominant strain, also known as UK Cheese, is THC-dominant, with very little CBD. Cloudburst is carefully harvested for its natural earthy, woody and spicy bouquet.

Ladies only?

Van der Pop is a Seattle based consumer lifestyle brand created by April Pride, an acclaimed designer and serial entrepreneur of consumer lifestyle brands, curates strains specifically for females.   Hiku’s Tokyo Smoke acquired Van der Pop in February 2017.  In November 2017, Van der Pop announced an agreement with WEEDMD to distribute two branded strains Cloudburst and Eclipse.  We were excited to try this curated strain for females.

The taste is a bit harsh.  The “high” has a quick takeoff.  The mental lift is almost immediate after the inhalation session ends.  There is euphoria, uplift and cerebral stimulation.  It is a nice blend of all the expressions without anyone being more dominant.  There is a nice calmness to prevent anxiety attacks.  This is a cheesy strain, which typically means a warm euphoric embrace with strong mental stimulation.

As with hybrids, there maybe two distinct “high” phase as the genetics expressed themselves.   The sativa mental effects slowly gives way to the Indica effects about an hour after inhalation.  Our thoughts become a bit more hazy and there is a growing body relaxation effect.   The first hour was enjoyable and not too intense.   Our 0.26 grams did not debilitate us and we could perform normally albeit a much slower pace.

Activity pairing may be best for an after work wind down situations.  The energy and uplift may revitalize the worn down body and mind.  It may be the perfect way to start the weekend on a Friday night.


Cloudburst (UK Cheese) by Van der Pop (Tweed)

Van der Pop is a brand for women owned by Tweed through their acquisition of Hiku who acquired Van der Pop.   Moving past the corporate shenanigans, we are excited to try Cloudburst aka UK Cheese, a strain identified for women.  While the container is Pink, the product inside has little visual appeal as the flowers are bone dry with little scent.  Packaged on Nov 25, 2019, THC content is 16.5% costing $35.75 for 3.5 grams.  This is a review of a WEEDMD or Canopy?  Van der Pop, they could have done a better job.

THC: 16.5%

Quality: 7.5

Intensity: 7.4

Duration: 7.6

Total: 7.5

Cost: $35.75 for 3.5 grams

As for our ratings, these are “Men” made.  Men consume and rate cannabis based on the degree of mental destruction.  Women consume cannabis for a reason.  The desired end outcomes are different.  With women, health and sense of well being are central to why and how they consume cannabis.   For the ladies, this is probably a 9 or a 10 because it is highly functional with good energy, warm euphoric embrace with strong mental stimulation.

On differentiating the way we consume cannabis, there is also a difference in cannabis consumption between men based on age.  From on our limited personal experiences, we found younger males tend to gravitate towards heavy Indica and often will complain sativa strains as weak.  We believe heavy Indica slowing down the mind and body are more impactful on young testosterone fuel males.  Sativa with cerebral stimulation and energy is preferred once we, men, are off the testosterone train.  Off course, this is all theory crafting and we need someone to work on this as a Phd thesis.  There is credibility to focusing on women’s unique needs.  Van der Pop promotes a healthy and informed cannabis consumption for women.  We are glad to have come across this Van der Pop Brand.

On an investment note, what can we say in these times of turmoil?  There is some virus going around coupled with global economic trade wars and a growing black hole that is swallowing up public cannabis producers we can say “The Sky is Falling!”  Unfortunately, we don’t really feel any negative effect.  We are risk neutral.   The current situation actually makes us really excited.  Unless this is the end of the world, there is a pot of gold at the end of this road.