Strain Integrity

OG Melon is a proprietary Aurora strain.  According to Aurora, ” Introducing Aurora’s new strain, OG Melon. This unique sativa-dominant hybrid comes from genetic lineages of Captain Krypt – OG and 91 Chemdawg. It has the dominant terpenes nerolidol (also found in citronella, ginger and orange peel), limonene (also found in citrus fruits and juniper) and myrcene (also found in mango, lemongrass and hops).

This is a difficult strain to track down.  It appears DNA Genetics is the breeder of Captain Krypt – OG and Chemdog 91.  Aurora appears to have also created Warwick strains that are similar in genetic linage.  When in doubt, try it and see what happens.

The Game is On!

Aurora is the 2nd major Licensed Producer to offer $5 a gram pricing with the Daily Special.  This will satisfy 90% of the market expectations and demands.  Unlike Hexo, Aurora has a broader volume and price offering compared to Hexo’s $140 for 28 grams.   With reports of 19% THC, we ordered 15 grams for $75 or $5 a gram.

The flower is fresh citrusy scented with decent flavour on inhalation.  This “high” is a creeper.  After inhalation, there is a sense of mild euphoria and energy increase.  It takes about 15 minutes for full immersion into a very enveloping “high” experience.   A strong steady energy delivery coupled with euphoria and uplift dominates while mental stimulation entertains in a time distorted perspective.   This is a fully immersive experience.   And, only $5 a gram!

There is no jitters from high energy mental stimulation to create anxiety.  The bliss from euphoria is an anti-anxiety state of mind.  This Daily Special is OG Melon, which sells for $10 a gram.  At $5 a gram, this is dynamite.  We are blown away by the experience for the price.  This is a must try for cannabis fans.

Activity pairing says this is for everything, da Perfect Table Wine for anywhere anytime.  Energy with euphoric bliss and mental stimulation in copious amount goes well with everything.


Daily Special (OG Melon) by Aurora

Finally, we have what is expected from legal cannabis.  Aurora’s Daily Special pricing a decent product at rock bottom prices is finally delivering what Canadian cannabis consumers expect.  Unlike Hexo’s first to offer volume and rock bottom pricing of $5 a gram for 28 grams, Aurora offers different volume and pricing allowing consumers to try by buying a smaller amount.  This was the difference that allowed us to try.   And, we are so glad we tried this Daily Special.  WOW … order now before they run out.

THC: 19.2%

Quality: 7.8

Intensity: 7.8

Duration: 8.0

Total: 7.9

Cost: $75 for 15 grams

On an investment note, this is going to create the domino effect and prices are going to fall across the board.  We are seeing the price compressions.  Selling for less is more in this case as the legal market share of cannabis increases.   Revenues are cut in half while volume increase four folds.   It’s about market share and pricing for the longer term, which may mean short term losses as growers strive to hit that efficiency scale to be self sustaining.  This has never been done before so it will take time.  The pricing and volume offered is going in the right direction, which is comforting.