Strain Integrity

The rise of hashish in modern times may be attributed to an Oxford educated turned smuggler, Howard Marks, for bringing Moroccan, Lebanese and Afghani hash to North America in the 1970s creating a Hash Renaissance for two decades.  In May 28, 1990, ” RAGGED HARBOUR, Nova Scotia (AP) _ Mounties netted tons of hashish in a sparsely populated bay in what may be the biggest hashish seizure ever made in North America, officials said. ”  This is our world of hashish.

According to the OCS website, ” Authentic and uncomplicated, OS.HASH10 is a rich brown resinous hash with a firm but pliable feel. Produced from a single hybrid strain, OS.HASH10 is made using dry ice sift trichome extraction and packaged in a 2-gram format in a resealable, odour-proof and child-resistant pouch. Not real fancy, just real. A good reason to go legal.

A “Refined” cannabis experience

OS.Hash10 is very soft and malleable with a scent that only resinous cannabis oily glands can excrete.  Consuming Hash always require a more elaborate methodology.  According to Original Stash, 2 grams of OS.Hash10 is equivalent to 8 grams of flowers.  Our adjusted test amount was o.o6 grams or approximately one quarter the weight of our 0.26 grams of test flower.  Inhalation is via a pipe.

The taste reminds us of Lebanese or Moroccan Hash.  There is the hint of hash oil taste reflecting the underlying high quality ingredients.  The “High” is a more pristine clear and elevated mind experience.  The euphoria, uplift and mental stimulation are tightly woven together and tempered to a steely resolve.  After half an hour, the “high” reaches a steady state of mental euphoria and stimulation.  We did a number of sessions varying the amount between 0.10 and 0.06 grams.  At 0.10 grams, it’s more intense cerebral and body effects can cause couch locking, or anxiety attacks.

Activity pairing is dependent on dosing.  High doses can be highly dysfunctional, which may be a desired end point in itself.   The smooth sustained energy level over the two hours coupled with mental stimulation and body relaxation makes this more suitable with non physically demanding activities.   There’s a lot of introspection making this great for meditating and self regeneration.


OS.Hash10 by Original Stash (Hexo)

Our last Hash purchase was Red Lebanese last year from a Native Indian Reserve Dispensary.  OS.Hash10 by Original Stash is 3X more potent and enjoyable.  OS.Hash10’s “high” is a more intense, refined and elevated experience.  This OS.Hash10 delivers the “Hash” experience.  As promised, “… A good reason to go legal.

THC: 32.95%

Quality: 8.8

Intensity: 8.2

Duration: 8.1

Total: 8.4

Cost: $47.95 for 2 grams

Would we buy this again?  Yes, but we would like to see what the other LPs can produce.  The future of Canadian Hashish is very bright.  OS.Hash10 “high” is very similar to the Hash Renaissance in the 70s, which is a first in the last 30 years.  It has an intensity that is unique and synonymous with Hash.  Hash is the preferred form of cannabis in Europe.  It would be interesting to see how we accept Hash.

On an investment note, Covid 19 seems to be an unexpected trigger for cannabis consumption.  Sales are up!  And, stock prices are plunging.  Dialing down the noise, some positive long term sustainable trends are emerging.  Volume discount offering are increasing with fresher products and greater market acceptance.  New product introductions like distillates and hashish broaden the legal product offerings to cannabis consumers.  Both distillates and hashish are significantly superior to their grey market counterparts.  Reducing cash burn and extending the runway will be a preoccupation for everyone in this infantile industry.