Strain Integrity

According to Leafly,” Skunk Haze by Mr. Nice Seeds is a sativa-dominant hybrid with Skunk and Haze heritage. This strain is appreciated for its medicinal value, and is often used for hash production. Grows are successful both indoors and outdoors, flowering between 9 and 11 weeks.

From Wikileaf, ” In the spirit of trying to get a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD, the breeders actually created a mellow high that brings you into the clouds while still weighing your body back on earth. The energetic euphoria that comes with Skunk Haze serves as more of a mental relief than anything else. It offers an immediate head high and a slow rolling, long-lasting body high that leaves you feeling lifted but relaxed. Recommended for any level of experience and at any time of day, this musky bud will have you feeling jazzed and happy no matter what is on your to-do list.

According to Tantalus Labs, ” Our variation of the classic Skunk Haze strain is Sungrown in BC and is a Tantalus range strain staple. Earning its reputation as a cannabis for many occasions thanks to its hybrid, balanced nature and always sustainably cultivated in Canada’s cannabis capital. It’s notably higher in CBD, lower in THC, and has a rich boldness that lives up to the name. Inspired by our boreal, BC coastlines the buds of our Skunk Haze feature frosted green tips that mimic the lushness of our forests. Cured slowly at a low temperature, the terpenes found in this strain elicit prominent rich notes of cedar wood, pine needle, and peppermint.

CBD modulated

We like to begin by apologizing to those who depend on CBD strains for their relief and rejuvenation.   We hope to do justice in our review of high CBD strains.  We chose Tantalus Labs Skunk Haze because of the price drop.   We got 3.5 grams of Skunk Haze with 4.58% THC and 7.88% CBD from Tantalus Labs for $29.95.  Our test amount was 0.26 grams.

The “high” starts in the head with a mild buzzing and a perspective shift to signal our entry into the World of CBD high.  Happiness emerges with rising euphoria and lift, which can be felt as a mild sense of excitement.  A sense of well being is the key attribute of the “high” experience.   Mental stimulation intensity increases slowly for almost half an hour.  At the half hour mark of the session, the peak “high” experience is a calm mildly euphoric mentally focused with a sense of excitement, the lift.   This strain gave us a very productive mindset.

As big Cannabis fans, we are all strain hunters.   There are strains for young men, old men, women and many ailments ….  There are strains for different activities, or time of the day.   Cannabis is all about the strains.  Skunk Haze is a strain that gives us the old school “high.”  There are no crazy magic effects.  Skunk Haze gives us a subtle shift in our perception of reality imbuing us with happiness and a sense of mild excitement.  For us, we would rate this as a strong productivity strain.

Activity pairing is literally everything except going to bed.  We would use this for production work.  If you are high THC Cannabis abuser, this strain will not have the desired effects and will be disappointing.   This was some of the sentiments here.  But, there are also some of us here that thinks this strain is very nice and would be perfect for that lovely walk, or getting that big pile of dirty laundry done.


Skunk Haze by Tantalus Labs

Tantalus Labs is a craft grower based in British Columbia.  We have reviewed their Blue Dream and it was one of the better rendition of that strain.   Tantalus have dropped their prices dramatically.  With strains like Cannatonic, Harlequin and Skunk Haze, Tantalus has 3 high CBD strains in their 7 strains portfolio.   We view Tantalus as a specialist in high CBD strains.  In that perspective, we view Broken Coast as an Indica shop and Whistler Medical (WMMC) as a Sativa shop.   Just like wine growers, there are good red wine producers and good white wine producers and they are not the same producers.  Why is Cannabis any different?  So, if you like high CBD, Tantalus Skunk Haze may be the strain for you.

THC: 4.58% THC 7.88% CBD

Quality: 7.4

Intensity: 7.2

Duration: 7.6

Total: 7.4

Cost: $29.95 for 3.5 grams

The rating is based on an abusive daily cannabis user metrics, which requires da bomb effects to go past 8/10.  Add a full point if you resonate with high CBD and the score becomes an 8.4/10.  The flavour of high CBD is amazing.  They typically have strong citrus scent and this is no different.  Again, we apologize to the CBD fans if we failed to identify critical nuisances that makes this strain shine for you.

On an investment note, the recent quarterly inventory write down?  Is it a “Damn if you do and Damn if you don’t” situation on lowering prices?  We don’t think so. We think “You are Damn if you don’t because you will die.”   Be brave and look at Hexo.  Hexo’s revenues grew 17% but grams sold increased by 57%.  Tantalus you are on the right track lowering prices.