Strain Integrity

According to the OCS website, ” High-quality hybrid bud at a great price; Good Supply taking it to the next level with Grower’s Choice.

With seeds from the same breeder, RIFF’s Sweet Jersey 3 aka Jean Guy and Good Supply’s Jean Guy have very different effects.  Sweet Jersey is calmer and Good Supply’s Jean Guy was very energizing.  When one strain between two growers can produce two different effects, how are we expected to identify this strain?    We will go with the flow and self isolate ourselves with the herb and report our experience.

Mystery hybrid high

Good Supply’s Grower’s Choice Hybrid is Aphria’s low cost brand.  THC was 20.81% costing $24.95 for 3.5 grams.  Good Supply’s Flowers are always potent with full effects and cheaper.  Packaged on February 10, 2020, this is fresh off the farm.  The scent is sweet citrusy fruity and peppery.  This strain is a Grower’s Choice of Hybrid lineage is unknown.  This review is like a blind test.  Can you name the strain game?

The “high” is a fast cerebral euphoric buzzy heady with good energy lift.  There is the lightness of body especially acute at the shoulders … invisible wings giving us lift?  There is a current of bristiling energy that is enveloped by calmness to produce a very wakeful yet sedated state of mind.  Cheerful cerebral thoughts flood the mind as time stands still.  This is a hybrid as the high energy level is kept in check by a blanket of calmness.  This is another winner from Good Supply.  It is a good way to start the day.

Over the first half hour of the session, time behaves erratically.  We get lost in the simplest of tasks.  For example, we needed to find the price paid for Grower’s Choice, which required switching into email to check the receipt.  When we got to email, we forgot we were there to get the price paid and started cruising the emails and even worse writing emails.  That took 5 minutes something that should have taken 30 seconds.  Half hour into the session, we were vegetabalized.

Activity pairing for this strain may include all physical activities as this strain provides good energy flow as we felt light on our feet.  Mental impairment may occur with high doses impairing any activity participation.  In general, this is a vibrant calming and uplifting “high,” which seems to go with a lot of activities.


Grower’s Choice Hybrid by Good Supply

There is a reason why our reviews are always so positive.  We choose good growers and their products are good.  Good Supply produce top quality intense effects at a reasonable price but there is little visual appeal.  Our recommendation is when you see Good Supply, just buy it.  It will be “Good” just like the name.

THC: 20.81%

Quality: 8.1

Intensity: 7.9

Duration: 8.0

Total: 8.0

The experience from a self isolate and a walk-about “high” is night and day.  Our walk-about session felt fantastic but not overwhelming.  While all the self isolate effects are present, the environmental stimuli and general task requirements for navigation in real life situations can significantly mute these effects.  The “high” just becomes an overlay over our experience.  Grower’s Choice Hybrid delivers a clean focus happy creative mind with a clean smooth energy to propel forward just like a Sativa leaning Hybrid.

On an investment note, Aphria recently secured an $80 million credit facility for Aphria Diamond.  Based in Leamington, Ontario, Aphria Diamond operates a 1.3 million sq. ft. facility producing 140,000 kg/year of Good Supply products.  Aphria also secured a $100 million strategic investment from a secret institutional investor in January 2020.  That is sooooo sweet … a secret admirer … ooooooo.