Strain Integrity

Not much to say here except this is an Indica mix of two different strains.   From what we can tell, all the buds look the same and for all we know it is just one unknown Indica strain.  Honestly, we are not liking this trend of unknown substance.

The $5 trick got more expensive and better

“Bam” ten minutes into the session and we are baked.  Strong time dilation and short term memory assaults destroyed our fragile minds.  Euphoria is the name of the game as it wraps around us like a blanket of Bliss.  Welcome back to Indica land.  This is OS.Reserve at a cost of $87.95 for 14 grams with a 20.1% THC.  Compared to OS.220 offering of $5 a gram, this Reserve cost $6.23 a gram.

The taste was smooth with minimal flavour.  At the end of the inhalation session, we felt a bit of mental readjustments and recalibration activity.  Suddenly without warning, everything lit up and we were instantaneously Baked … somewhere between 7 to 10 minutes.   There is enough energy to feel some acceleration in mood and increased mental acuity.   The Baked is getting wrapped completely in a timeless euphoric state.  The addition of cerebral stimulation only serves to further incapacitate us by creating a mental gridlock.  Job done.  We are happy.

Activity pairing is best with low physical requirement activities.  Indica is a healing strain that shines in self isolate environment … we are absolutely serious.  Self rejuvenation means spending time with one self to smooth out all the sharp edges created from life’s stress.   It is a time for our body and mind to be at peace.  Indica land washes away the stress and worries and slows everything down.  The ending is also a good segway to deep rejuvenation through restful sleep.

The entire experience was almost three hours for us.   We felt relaxed and slightly lethargic at the end, which would be good for sleeping.  The second hour was about 60% to 50% of the peak experience reduced another 50% for the last hour.  The decrease in Intensity is very noticable but a welcome change as we regain some control over ourselves and our environment.  If you do try this OS.Reserve, Enjoy!


OS.Reserve Indica Flower Blend by Original Stash (Hexo)

The battle is on as LPs are entering the high volume discount market initiated by Original Stash (Hexo).  Finally, cannabis users are seeing familiar offerings of Oz, or one ounce.  Buying 1 grams and 3.5 grams is ludicrous and clearly showed no understanding of the marketplace.  This half ounce and Ounce offerings are well received.  With or without the Covid-19 environment, this would have been a huge success but the self isolate requirements and the need for volume and low cost cannabis is making sales rocket.   For Cannabis fans, this is what you have been waiting for “good prices on meaningful volume with decent effects.”

THC: 20.1%

Quality: 7.8

Intensity: 8.0

Duration: 8.0

Total: 7.9

Cost: $87.95 for 14 grams

We gave Quality a 7.8 because it is more of a one trick pony delivering gobs of euphoria and lesser on the other expressions like cerebral creativeness or power energy like a Rockstar.  Would we buy this again?  Yes.  We like being wrapped in a blanket of euphoria.

On an investment note, this is truly an infantile industry run by equally unqualified people.  We look for management teams that are agile and quick to recognize mistakes and even quicker with the fix.  We believe from our observations that Hexo is such a Company.  Congratulations on the $40 million equity financing announced today, April 8, 2020.  If you really want to help Hexo by investing, this is your opportunity.  The $40 million goes directly to Hexo less commission to the investment bankers.  This is what we call a Primary Issue … the real investing.  Hexo, well done!  We are excited for you.