Strain Integrity

According to Leafly, ” Tutankhamon (AKA King Tut) by Pyramid Seeds has kept the sour, skunky smell of its parent strain, AK-47, as well as the uplifting effects, making it a great choice for social outings or creative stimulation. This strain has built a reputation for having high THC levels, and the flavor has hints of fresh fruit and flowers that make this beautiful bud fit for a king!

According to the OCS website, ” The King Tut GE strain has deep green buds, boasting a classic earthy flavour with piney accents. King Tut GE’s aroma is predominantly spicy as a result of the high Caryophyllene content. A single-origin extract product, these sugar-like crystals are known for their fulsome terpene profile, potency, and versatility. Carefully made using freshly harvested cannabis material, this product is recognized as one of the truest representations of the cannabis strain.

First time for everything

Cannabis 2.0 brings us King Tut kief, a natural cannabis concentrate, from JWC.  Packaged on February 18, 2020, the spicy sweet faint citrusy scent hints of an exotic experience ahead.  The cost is $41.95 for 2 grams with 31.7% THC.  We have never done kief.  This is a type of hash.  The consistency is intimidating to us.  How do we consume it?  This kief looks like it would vaporize in a flash.  We tried it mixed with a variety of strains in vapourizers and joints all with incredible effects.  It made each session more intensely absorbing and time can just vanish.

Our recording session with the Mighty vapourizer 0.05 grams produced a very uplifting “high.”  A vapourizer “high” profile is very different than a joint profile.  King Tut flower is very euphoric fused with copious amount of energy making a high energy bliss state of mind. which is perfect for social occasions.  The vapourizer “high” produced a strong hazy floaty feel at the end of the inhalation session.   As with any vape session, it takes almost forever (20 minutes) and at the end of the inhalation session we are simply wasted.  We drifted in a strong euphoric haze for the first hour.

In our recording session using a pipe, the entire content of 0.05 grams vapourized in 5 hits and the session took less than two minutes.  The “high” hits immediately with an elevated mind sense and a lift vibrancy that makes us float.  There is an accelerant in the background lighting up the neuron network in our minds.  After 15 minutes, time dilation and short term memory kicks in and the fun really begins.

Our use of King Tut kief mixed with different cannabis strains gave us the biggest “WOW” factor.  It quickly became an indispensable standard addition to the evening recipe and menu.

Activity pairing is for any plans to get mentally incapacitated this is an essential ingredient.  This is a concentrate for one thing only “to increase the effects of cannabis.”  Any activity that requires the full effect of cannabis this is what you need.


King Tut GE by JWC

This form of cannabis is best consumed as an addition or supplement with flowers.  We sprinkle King Tut kief into our dosing caps and joints to intensify and extend the “high” experience.  Sativa strains, or hybrids, go well with this kief.  While it does feel stronger with elements of stronger disorientation with heavy strains like Quadra, it is just not as noticeable.  On it’s own, we needed very little to get “high.”  The King Tut kief “high” is a version of the Hash experience but the ease of use as a supplement with flower makes it a higher utility concentrate.

THC: 31.4%

Quality: 8.0

Intensity: 8.0

Duration: 8.0

Total: 8.0

Cost: $41.95 for 2 grams

Would we buy this again?  Yes, we would buy kief again as a supplement to help us consume our low grade flowers.  If we have no low grade flowers, we would not buy this again.  But, everyone will have some low grade flowers that can benefit from kief.

On an investment note, it is disappointing to see JWC under bankruptcy protection.  Clearly dedication to the herb and the craft is not a winning formula here.  What went wrong?   We are really cheering for you cause we know you really care about the herb and growing amazing herbs … it maybe too late, eh?