Strain Integrity

According to Leafly, ” The award-winning Royal Highness was bred by Royal Queen Seeds. Its combination of Dancehall and Respect genetics express themselves in a nearly balanced THC:CBD ratio. The result is an active, energetic buzz that rewards consumers with a clear head along with its therapeutic qualities. The smooth flavors of Royal Highness bring to mind sweet fruit and skunky spice, making this strain an enjoyable answer to anxiety and chronic pain.

From Wikileaf, ” As a result of its parentage, this beauty offers a cerebral rush that will leave users feeling energetic and clear-headed without being weighed down. The high first begins with a head-strong buzz, taking users to a creative place, allowing room for clarity and focus. Shortly thereafter the body calm flows in, giving you an all over relaxation without stealing away your motivation. This smooth and tasty smoke is good for users of all experience levels and is recommended for a daytime smoke session.

From Good Supply. ” Watch the throne with this uplifting strain. With notes of fruit and spice and a bright green colour, high praise is much deserved. Royal Highness, no gimmicks just nugs.

La Royale?

The Royal Highness by Good Supply is a 21.34% THC hybrid strain.    Packaged on February 21, 2020, the flowers were fresh and exoctically fragantful.

There’s a hint of Indica in the taste.  The “high” begins just at the end of our inhalation session as we felt the coweb in our mind clears slowly.  Five minutes after the session ends, the accelerant starts as our heads start to feel the euphoric surge and the creative mind blossoming.  There is a clear creative flow that streams euphorically lifting our bodies to float through time.   This is indeed Royalty.

As much as we enjoy reviewing strains, we have also learned so much about ourselves and effects.  Never before had we have the opportunity to try so many different strains continuously expanding our experience, the force that shapes us.  We just wanted to share that feeling as we realized the World we have entered … the World of Legal Cannabis is pure magic.  Welcome!  And, this Royal Highness is a beautiful strain to evoke such emotions from us.

There are more cannabis expressions here with Royal Highness than normal two big ones.  There are euphoric surges, creative fireworks, growing optimistic view of life and smooth energy flow.  At 21.34% THC the time warping and space bending is in full force.

Activity pairing may include all day time activities.  Royal Highness is a sativa hybrid, which means an uplifting cerebral energetic experience.  But, there is also voluminous amount of euphoria to mitigate anxiety attacks.  This is an all purpose strain.


Royal Highness by Good Supply (Aphria)

This a “La Royale” for Royal Highness by Good Supply delivering a strong full spectrum “high” experience.  For fans of euphoric, creative and uplift with smooth energy delivery this is a strain to try.

THC: 21.34%

Quality: 8.2

Intensity: 8.1

Duration: 8.0

Total: 8.1

Cost: $25.45 for 3.5 grams

We are extremely happy with this Good Supply rendition of Royal Highness.  We would like to see 7 grams and higher volume offerings.  With little expectations from a strain we have not tried, Royal Highness is surprisingly vibrant and eye opening.  Good weed at a good price is a winning formula.

On an investment note, Aphria is setting the pace in this cannabis marathon for survival.  What is really interesting is that Aphria has no guardian angel  like Canopy with Constellation Brands, Cronos with tobacco giant Altria and Hexo with Molson.  Who needs a partner?  Not Aphria. Flushed with over half a billion in cash and a profitable high growth quarter just completed, Aphria is the “Gem” in the cannabis market.  Is this the birth of Cannabis royalty?