Strain Integrity

From Ocean Grown Seeds, the breeder VaderOG, ” Dark Helmet is the result of a special project, locking down the unique traits and flavor profile of Forum Girl Scout Cookies into seed form by back-crossing the clone only cut to our Jawa Pie ( Key Lime Pie x Alien rift ) frost male. Key Lime Pie is a clone-only ‘sister’ phenotype or cultivar of the Girl Scout Cookies lineage.

From the OCS website, ” Dark Helmet GE features aromatic dense, round buds that strike the sharpness of fresh citrus on the nose, with a sweet key-lime finish. The buds are a deep green peppered with purple hues and boast a thick coating of trichomes. Grown using the GrowthSTORM™ aeroponic cultivation platform, resulting in a clean, consistent product unique to JWC. The proprietary growth system maintains consistency in the cannabinoid and terpene content of dried flower product from harvest to harvest.

Note:  The genetic lineage of Forum GSC and Key Lime Pie have our minds racing in anticipation of what to expect.

It’s all about the aeroponics?

This is the first flower we review from JWC whose claim to fame is their proprietary GrowthSTORM aeroponic grow system.  Aeroponic nourish plants with a nutrient misting system.  We are very excited to test something grown in air.

Reporting on our walkabout protocol on a beautiful sunny day, the “high” starts with a pristine clear elevated mind.  There is growing optimism and happiness as creativity slowly unfolds.  The energy lifts the mind and body to create effortless mobility as we glide through space and time on a dreamy sunny day.  This is “Prime Time” sativaland.  Exuberance filled conversations flowed freely as we absorb the warm sunlight in a blissful state.  This is exactly what we are looking for.

The first 45 minutes go by very quickly as time dilation and short term memory dislocations bends space and time again.  Dark Helmet is a hybrid and the Indica linage surfaces about an hour into the session.  Our crystal clear mind slowly turns a bit hazy and our bodies started to feel a bit more lethargic.  Our return walk at the hour mark was a bit tiring.  Thoughts of a comfy sofa propelled us forward as we stumbled back.  The entire experience for us was about two hours with another hour of calming relaxation. Note, physical activity is not a good idea after the first hour.

Activity pairing as we noted should avoid demanding physical situations.  This is perfect for a Friday evening starter to energize and recuperate after a long week and ends with the head hitting the pillow.


Dark Helmet GE by JWC

This is the first time trying Dark Helmet and we like it.  The start of the “high” is very similar to WMMC’s Key Lime Pie, one of our fav strains.  The second hour was more like Forum GSC heavier Indica effects.  Dark Helmet by JWC has a very interesting vibrant “high” with a relaxing ending.   Our appetite for JWC flowers have been awaken.

THC: 19.88%

Quality: 8.2

Intensity: 8.1

Duration: 8.0

Total: 8.1

Cost:  $38.95 for 3.5 grams

We are impressed with aeroponics growing cannabis in air.  Not every strain works on aeroponics and JWC has identified those that do well with a GE tag.   Our only complain would be that it could be a bit cheaper … below $10 a gram is a growing trend.  And at over $11 a gram, you need to get rid of the stalks as evident in our product image.  Other than that, we like Dark Helmet and looking forward to trying King Tut GE when it arrives.

On an investment note, it took over a year to get to the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), the biggest cannabis market in Canada, and JWC is an Kitchner, Ontario based grower?   There are no words to describe our profound disappointment with JWC financial state.  Hawking JWC assets in a bankruptcy court is about as low as you can get … the vultures circling the carcass is a cringe worthy image.   To make things worse, price drops like Tantalus Labs from the $12 range to the $7 or $8 range to where the market is going.   It is getting a lot tougher and we are rooting for you JWC.