Strain Integrity

According to Leafly, ” Outlaw is a high-intensity strain bred by Dutch Passion, who combined Super Haze and Amnesia to create this 80% sativa. It inherits a sweet aroma from its Haze parent, intermixing fresh earthiness with sour lemon. Outlaw’s initial impact comes quickly and powerfully, but evens out to an uplifting, clear-headed buzz over time. With a THC content that typically falls between 15-20%, Outlaw may help patients treat glaucoma, inflammation, depression, migraines, and ADD/ADHD.  ”

From Leafly on Amnesia Haze, ” With earthy flavors of lemons and citrus, Amnesia Haze is a perfect strain to start your day with a smile. The uplifting, energetic buzz is one you won’t soon forget. Its genetics have been traced back to the South Asian and Jamaican landrace strains, and this Cannabis Cup winner (1st place 2004, 1st place Sativa Cup 2012) has since been popularized in the coffee shops of Amsterdam.

From Redecan, ” Outlaw is our cheesy phenotype of the old-school, Amnesia Haze.

Note:  There’s actually an Outlaw strain named as identified by Leafly.  If Redecan’s Outlaw is their name for Amnesia Haze, there’s similarity to the two strains genetic linage.

A new Redecan strain

Redecan’s Outlaw with 20.93% THC cost $32.95 for 3.5 grams.  Packaged on March 19, 2020, the scent is faint muted citrus spice and earthiness.  The taste is fairly smooth with a hint of flavour.

The “high” starts almost immediately as the energy lifts our mind and body.   It doesn’t really matter at this point if it is sativa or indica because when the energy flows everything change for the better.  We are vitalized.  Welcome back to Stoneville!  This is a vibrant colourful world.  There is a growing sense of excitement.  But, we don’t feel like Outlaws.  We felt more like the Angels of Life as we float around happy.

The first hour flies by easily as we succumb to a trippy world.  This is truly a sativa treat.  There is nothing overpowering.  Our second hour was just a tune down version of the first hour as we regain more control of our minds as time dilation and short term memory disturbances ebb.  Even though Outlaw was not a knockout, this was truly enjoyable.

Activity pairing is best for daytime activities.  With a functional “high,” this strain is great for getting chores done.  This is an old school “high” with some chilling relaxing dreamy vibes.


Outlaw by Redecan

Outlaw is a pure sativa experience with vibrant creative and uplifting effects.   This is a strain that is good to start the day or refresh a tired mind and body at the end of the day.  Redecan’s Outlaw is not as overpowering as Redecan’s Cold Creek Kush, which completely submerge and drown the user in euphoria.  We could actually do things under the influence of Outlaw, unlike Cold Creek Kush.  There is a place for functional “highs.”

THC: 20.93%

Quality: 7.8

Intensity: 7.7

Duration: 7.8

Total: 7.8

Cost: $32.95 for 3.5 grams

We have the option of buying 15 grams for $118.60 or $7.91 a gram instead of paying $9.41 a gram like we did.  It is important to offer not only good quality but also volume discount.  This is how cannabis have been sold for decades.  1 gram? 3.5 grams?  Never saw this until legalization.  Would we buy this strain again?  Yes.

On an investment note, the economy is now more important in determining the health of investments more than ever.  The effects of Covid-19 reach every corner of life and will reverberate through our financial systems for decades to come.   Global economies have been compromised and the extent of the damage is unknown.  Governments are printing money.  Gold is King.  Patience is golden.  The worst is yet to come and it has nothing to do with cannabis.