Strain Integrity

Accordingto the OCS website, ” FIGR’s Craft Cartridges contain a THC distillate, housed in a flexible design made to fit any 510 threaded battery. After moving through a Supercritical CO2 extraction process, all natural flavours are then introduced and mixed to perfection. Available in citrus, mixed berry, and terpene flavour. Terpene flavour contains myrcene, alpha pinene, beta pinene, caryophyllene and limonene.

A cheap distillate

FIGR is a premium cultivar and this is our first review of FIGR’s distillate.  Pyxus International, parent of FIGR, is a tobacco company with an e-cigarette focus.  Producing top quality cannabis distillate is a logical extension of Pyxus business model.

FIGR Craft Vape 510 Cartridge hits hard and fast.  We took three 2 seconds draw and the effects can be felt in our 2nd draw.  It’s a diffuse head “high” to start.  Energy level is forceful and there is a bit of cerebral stimulation.  Everything felt muddled … diffused as we get pulled along by the energy.    There’s very little euphoria where bliss and happiness flow from.  There is a lot of energy with nowhere to go?  Right … this is a distillate “high.”

FIGR Kali Mist is one of our most memorable experience in the last year.  The “high”  produced surging waves of euphoric happiness drowning us in creativity bubbles still reverberates in our minds.  Distillates will never take us there.  Our expectations may have been too high?

The “high” last about two hours with the last hour being a bit heavier in mind and body, which would lead us to think it’s more Indica?  On our walkabout and shopping review runs, FIGR Craft Vape performed very well.  On just three good hits, we were suitably setup for a successfully good time.  It provided us with all the benefits of vaping distillates, fast, convenient and effective.

Activity pairing is anytime you want a quick hit?  Distillate is all about convenience.   It’s almost odorless and quick.  On occasions when these characteristics are useful, that is a good time to use distillate.  Between us boys and girls, distillates are great time dilators, which are amazing for certain special adult activities.  We use distillates specifically for the time dilation properties.


FIGR Craft Vape 510 Cartridge

FIGR Craft Vape 510 Cartridge is as utilitarian a name as they come.  This is the cheapest vape cartridge on the market.  We are not surprised because it is one of Pyxus core skill set, e-cigarettes.  What is surprising is FIGR’s flowers are positioned as premium priced while their distillates are the cheapest priced.  Although this particular distillate did not resonate with us, we would try other FIGR vape strains because it is cheap.

THC:  70.0%

Quality: 7.7

Intensity: 7.8

Duration: 7.7

Total: 7.7

Cost: $19.95 for 0.25 grams

There are big fans of distillate for a whole bunch of reasons from intensity, healthier because you vape/smoke less, to just pure convenience.   Distillates have a place in our rotation and we use it specifically for its strong time dilation, or just for pure convenience.   Not to be repetitive, this is the cheapest distillate and it does pack a punch like all distillates.

On an investment note, Pyxus’s China tobacco business is in geopolitical turbulence.  Covid 19 is the trigger to an explosive China situation already percolating with economic trade wars.  Pyxus has embarked on a strategic business review.   These are very tough times for everyone.  And, it may get worse before it gets better.  And, it has nothing to do with cannabis.