Strain Integrity

According to the OCS website, “ Denman (AKA Pie in the Sky) is a mostly sativa hybrid that’s bright green with perfectly shaped flowers and a nice dusting of trichomes. This strain has one of the most unique and strong terpene profiles of Broken Coast’s offerings. Dominant terpenes of caryophyllene, myrcene and limonene offer enticing aromas of key lime pie and orange zest, translate exactly into the flavour profile. This highly sativa-dominant has an 85/15 sativa-indica split.

From Broken Coast, ” Denman (Pie in the Sky) is a Broken Coast original, a result of our complicated in-house hybridization, this stand out cultivar has outstanding smells and flavours. The bright green, perfectly shaped tall flowers and a delightful dusting of trichomes creates this exceptional offering. Denman has the most fantastic aromas of key lime pie and orange zest which translate exactly into this exceptional flavour profile. This sativa dominant cultivar is known to have clear, energetic, happy and uplifting effects, perfect for daytime use.

A bias review

Broken Coast is one of the premier cannabis grower in Canada.  In the last month, Broken Coast’s products have hit the recreational market to the demise of their medical subscribers like us.  Denam aka Pie in the Sky is a Broken Coast proprietary Sativa strain.  Packaged on Nov 6, 2019, Denman had 19.3% THC with a dense bud structure smelled exoticly citrusy with a hint of pepper.

The “high” begins during the inhalation session.   We could feel something is coming on as our perception brightens.   Around the 10 minute mark, body and mind effects become prominent as euphoria arrives and cerebral fireworks start.  There is clarity and uplifting energy and we were fully engaged by the 15 minute mark.  Towards the 30 minute mark, we felt a surging happiness, which completes the full bodied Denman expressions.  It is not a strain to throw kief over it as that will dilute and pollute the experience.  We find Broken Coast strains to be a completely satisfying end to end experience with no need for artificial enhancements.  Our test amount was 0.26 grams.

Activity pairing should include all day time activities.  We also find Denman to be a good productivity strain.  The steady clear flow of creativeness makes Denman excellent for mentally challenging tasks.  This is a weaponizable strain.  It feels like a high powered rifle with a gigantic scope in our hands.


Denman aka Pie in the Sky by Broken Coast (Aphria)

Broken Coast mentioned Key Lime Pie, one of our fav strains from WMMC, in their description of Denman.  This Denman’s “high” reminds us of the WMMC’s Key Lime Pie.  Denman gives us a vibrant calm energetic and strong cerebral stimulation perfect for rejuvenation and revitalization.   This is a fantastic opportunity for recreational users to try the Broken Coast’s meds.  Broken Coast defines “quality.”

THC: 19.3%

Quality: 8.5

Intensity: 8.2

Duration: 8.0

Total: 8.2

Cost: $48.00 for 3.5 grams

At $13.71 a gram, Denman by Broken Coast is not priced for mass consumption.   Despite the pricing, Broken Coast has a supply problem, which means the market will bear the price.  Broken Coast’s medical shelves with a few strains are almost bare.   We do not expect the current products on the OCS store to last long.   If you can, we do recommend trying Denman, or any Broken Coast products.

On an investment note, the better companies are getting their house in order.  Grats to Hexo reducing their convertible debt conversion rate from $3.15 to $0.80 to eliminate debt on their books.  Although operations continue to be challenged, Grats! to Aurora for their 24% revenue growth in recreational probably driven by their popular Daily Specials.   As for Aphria, we already mentioned their debt reduction in the last review, which is excellent.