Strain Integrity

According to the OCS website, ” This one is limited offering. Moresby is a cross between The One and Sannie’s Jack resulting in a true sativa, grown the Broken Coast way. The flowers have a sativa-like bud structure with deep purple colouration, lots of frost and orange hairs. A terpene profile of terpiolene, cisocimene, caryophyllene and beta-pinene create haze-dominant aromas and flavour profile of spice and citrus. This sativa dominant strain is a 90/10 sativa split.

From Leafly, ” The One, originally bred by Clackamas Coots or CC, is a perfectly balanced hybrid of two landrace strains. It is sometimes referred to by its genetic combination Thai x Pure Afghan, with its sativa heritage stemming from its Thai background and the Afghan influence bringing a thick resinous frosting of trichomes. This specific combination of two cornerstone landrace strains is known to only be available through a select circle of breeders and growers in Oregon. 

From Sannie’s Jack, ” The Sannie’s Jack is the dream plant of every sativa lover and Haze fanatics, full and heavy buds that have few leaves. For a sativa she has compact buds, feels heavy and is literally covered with crystals. The longer flowering time of around 13 weeks allows the buds to swell at the end of flowering and to fill with “meat”, this is also the period where the most weight is realized. The smoke inhales softly but is full of flavor and aromas, yet it is the high effect of this stabilized jacket that most growers are after. The high sets in quickly, increasingly becomes heavier in the stages to follow and will last for 3-4 hours.

Note: This is a Broken Coast proprietary strain.

A very special Sativa

Moresby aka Healing Fields 5 by Broken Coast is one of the top morning strains.  Packaged on October 29, 2019, Moresby with 12.7% THC and $48.00 for 3.5 grams, is expensive but it also delivers a pristine clear headed optimistic cerebral refreshment to start the day.

The “high” starts slowly with a light head feeling.  The taste is smooth without much flavour.  Around the 10 minutes mark, the effects start to accelerate with a radiating energy and mental vigour.  We were fully engaged 15 minutes later in a vibrant radiating world of anticipation and a growing of excitement to match the bright morning sunlight.  This is all about revitalization and engaging a world full of promise.  It is about starting the day right.

With only 12.7% THC, Moresby hits like a 20% THC strain.  We have happiness, euphoria, creativeness and pure clean pristine energy.   The two hour “high” ends with a relaxed and calmed mind and body.

Activity pairing is best in the morning or to engage in some deep challenging tasks.  Sativas are productivity strains for us.  Moresby is a functional strain that can be used for focus, creative problem solving and banishing anxieties.  The bottom line effect for us is the coffee like energy focus coupled with creativity and happiness are effects that we gravitate towards.


Moresby by Broken Coast (Aphria)

Our two all time favourite to start the day strains are WMMC’s Chocolope and Broken Coast’s Moresby.  Like Chocolope, Moresby is an uplifting clear headed strain radiating with coffee like awakening power.  Wake up on the right side of reality with Moresby from Broken Coast.  Our totally bias recommendation, you got to try this.

THC: 12.7%

Quality: 8.3

Intensity:  7.9

Duration: 8.0

Total: 8.1

Cost:  $48.00 for 3.5 grams

The medical cost of Moresby is $10.82 a gram and recreational cost is $13.71 a gram.  While it is expensive, we believe it is worth trying.  Broken Coast actually nets less on the higher recreational prices because OCS prices have a huge markup.  Last call ….

On an investment note, the current flurry of funding with TGOD raising $15 million today at $0.40 a share and Hexo raised $57.5 million yesterday means a couple of our favourite growers will be around a bit longer.  JWC was sold for $13 million to Trichome Financials compared to $60 million invested in JWC.  Ouch.   For Broken Coast owner Aphria, Green Growth once a hostile acquirer of Aphria filed for bankruptcy today.  LOL.