Strain Integrity

From the OCS website, ” Naming a single ‘greatest of all time’ isn’t just difficult, it’s impossible, but a sativa-dominant hybrid is worth its weight in gold. Oregon Golden Goat (Lemon Haze X Zelly’s Gift X Flo) is complicated. Some say the smell and taste is sweet, and some say spicy. A few pick up citrus. Floral? Yep. Tropical? That too. Top Leaf prides itself on carefully crafted cannabis—cultivars with rich, full-bodied flavour and complex terpene profiles—grown to exacting standards in the heartland of Alberta. Top Leaf premium cannabis is cured for 21 days and comes in 1 g false bottom recyclable container and 3.5 g glass jar.

According to Leafly, ” Lemon Haze has been characterized as smelling of fresh peeled lemon slices with a similar taste. Its buds appear to be green and yellow with amber hairs on the trichomes, giving it the yellow tint.  ”

And, ” Zelly’s Gift by Dragonfly Earth Medicine is a flavorful sativa-dominant strain with a heartfelt dedication. Created for a friend of the farm who’d been imprisoned on a cannabis conviction, Zelly’s Gift is the flavorful cross of an Afgoo x Purple Thai x Super Lemon Haze x God Bud father and a Jack Herer mother. The strong mother genetics root this strain in uplifting sativa effects while its recessive indica-dominant genetics imbue the plant with flavors of lime leaves and grape jelly. The grower suggests Zelly’s Gift for consumers seeking an energizing boost that improves mood and helps combat depression. “

Finally on the Flo strain, ” This #1 rated Cannabis Cup winner of 1996 is the love child of Purple Thai and an Afghani Indica, bred by Dutch Passion and later propagated by DJ Short. The plant is described as having pear-shaped buds with purple calyxes. Flo can potentially be harvested multiple times, creating a “flo” of buds. The effects are characterized as light and energetic, allowing for clarity of thought.

Our Fav Golden Goat?

Oregon Golden Goat by Top Leaf is not our fav Golden Goat, which is a cross between a male Hawaiian-Romulan with a female Island Sweet Skunk.   At $47.64 for 3.5 grams, or $381.12 an oz, Oregon Golden Goat came in at 22.5% THC in a glass jar with an Integra Boost 62% 2 way humidity pack.   The scent is fresh exotic citrus.  It appears this Oregon Golden Goat maybe a proprietary strain.

The “high” is a powerful creeper building over the first half hour into an outward bound energy full of vibrancy and euphoria.   As we inhale, we could feel our minds becoming more calm and focus.  This slowly change to an emerging sense of excitement as euphoria starts over the first ten minutes.  The rising pure clean energy refreshes us and powers up.

In our walking review protocol, we really did not feel like going out for a walk but after inhalation we could not stop walking for the next hour.  Creativity starts to brighten our minds and completes the full Oregon Golden Goat experience half an hour after inhalation.  The entire experience lasted a solid two hours with residual relaxation for another hour.

Activity pairing for this strain should include walking.  The strong clear focus happy “high” is functional and weaponizable.  We found it great for energizing up from late evening stupors.


Oregon Golden Goat by Top Leaf (Sundial)

Oregon Golden Goat is a beautiful looking and delicious smelling strain.  It tastes great and hits fairly hard.   The recent trend of price drops have made anything over $35 expensive.  Products in this $48 price range have to be category defining like Broken Coast’s Ruxton, or Quadra.  Is Oregon Golden Goat in the same league?  We like the interesting strain offering, which is a strong value proposition in itself.   We will let you decide how good Oregon Golden Goat is … it is worth a try.

THC:  22.5%

Quality: 8.1

Intensity: 8.0

Duration: 8.0

Total: 8.0

Cost: $47.65 for 3.5 grams

While we can appreciate the quality of Top Leaf’s Oregon Golden Goat, 7 Acres’ Jack Haze‘s smells exactly the same and is cheaper at $43.95 and much stronger in the sativa genre.  We do really enjoy Oregon Golden Goat broadening our cannabis horizon with the glass jar and humidifier.  The recent reviews of enjoyable effects and cheap prices have made us sensitive to higher prices.  Would we buy this again?  If it is cheaper, yes.

On an investment note, do you want to see the scariest financial situation 99% of the time called “negative working capital?”  Sundial has a negative working capital caused by not being in compliance with interest coverage causing the long term debt to be reclassified as current liabilities.  Sounds horrible?  It is.  The bottom line is a bit of financial mismanagement, which may have been unavoidable because of deep operational losses.  We are not surprised.  We are dumb struck.  If it helps, we like Sundial because they are good growers.