Strain Integrity

According to Leafly, ” Wappa is a 60% indica-dominant hybrid bred by Paradise Seeds that delivers happy, uplifting effects alongside an intense fruity flavor.

With a bit more enthusiasm from Wikileaf, ”  Wappa is an indica-leaning hybrid with smooth, relaxing effects and a universally appealing flavor profile. The strain is the creation of Paradise Seeds, who have also fostered Sensi Star and Delahaze, and is derived from a sweetly-scented variety of Skunk. Wappa’s long-lasting potency has earned it accolades like Canada’s Cannabis Champs Cup in 2014 and the Euro Copa de Canarias in 2011. Wappa’s THC content has been measured at between 11% and 22%.

And from Paradise Seeds, the Breeder, ” The buzz is intense, but not overwhelming. It sinks into the body, providing an indica carpet to walk over but never dragging you down. In fact Wappa brings an upful sense of purpose to your day’s proceedings. It has great power, but a benign power that will push you towards the doors of perception with a gentle nudge rather than an elevator free-fall. A good day smoke and one to keep the evening going too. Also popular with medical patients.

From the OCS website, ” Wappa is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with strong THC potency potential and a terpene mix which delivers a tropical fruit aroma. This particular strain is grown in coco husk/peat moss in a 100% indoor facility in New Brunswick. 


In Nepal, we greet people with “Namaste”  instead of “Hello.”  It is one of our most favourite greetings in the world.  It’s a lot better than saying “Bula” the Fijian greeting.   Combining two favourite words of ours, Namaste with Wappa is worth a try.  At 18.0% THC, Namaste’s Wappa was packaged on March 26, 2020, smelled citrusly exotic cost $28.95 for 3.5 grams.

The Wappa “high” is an uplifting euphoric and cerebral celebration of life.  After inhalation, the effects are a steady progression of increasing intensity sparked by a tingle of excitement.   There is ample amount of time dilation to set us a drift into the Wappa world.  Wappa, a newer Indica strain, seems to be a standard LP offering for good reasons.  The strong energy combined with euphoria, happiness and cerebral fireworks produce a vitalizing and rejuvenating experience.  What is there not to like?

Readers should be aware our recording sessions are in dark rooms where the “high” effects are more intense and noticeable.  Getting “high” in bright sunlight, or doing a shopping run review, produces very different experiences.  Within this context, this Namaste Wappa is a solid rendition of the strain.  In addition, the taste and flavour was noticeably pleasant.

Activity pairing is for all occasions but more suitable for evenings being an Indica.  Wappa’s strong energy is a productive power source that can send us into perpetual motion … for an hour or so.


Wappa by Namaste

We like Namaste Technologies.  In addition to cannabis products, Namaste’s Mobile App is a market leader as an onramp for medical cannabis patients.  NamasteMD provides a quick 3-Step process to get medical cannabis.  We recommend this service.   For Wappa fans, Namaste Wappa delivers all the expected expressions associated with this popular strain.

THC: 18.0%

Quality: 8.0

Intensity: 7.7

Duration: 7.8

Total:  7.8

Cost: $28.95 for 3.5 grams

We are in a very competitive Wappa market.  Recent Redecan Wappa are coming in as high as 25% THC.  We like all the Wappas.  Our most favourite Waapa is FIGR’s Wappa, which is 50% more expensive.   Would we buy this again?  If there’s a 7 grams or higher offering, most likely “Yes.”

On an investment note, Namaste Technologies reported 16% year over year total growth in their Q1/2020 with strong performance from CannMart of $1.3 million out of $5.3 million.  But, Namaste is still losing money, which is an ongoing concern.  While we are suitably impressed with CannMart’s product quality, we believe Namaste’s core strength is their digital platform, which we used to onboard into the medical market.