Strain Integrity

According to the OCS website, ” Small, potent and ready-to-go. Prepare for the bold taste of this dark, full-flavoured 10 mg THC, carbonated drink in a 222 mL sleek can.

Note: This is a Tweed Sativa dominant drink.

Cannabis Nano technology?

Deep Space by Tweed is a 10mg THC drink and cost $9.20 per 222 ml can.  Using nanoemulsions, Tweed drinks are designed to be fast acting in ten minutes as opposed to 45 minutes for edibles.  From our own personal consumption profile, we do not have a positive view on cannabis edibles and beverages as a meaningful consumption category compared to dried flowers and concentrates.  That was before we discovered nanoemulsions.  Let’s check this out.

The “high” starts with tingling sensations in your head.  Deep Space lightly carbonated have a Cherry Coke and cough syrup smell and taste.   We managed to consume the entire can in ten minutes.  We could feel the effects by the time we were finishing the drink.  We felt a little bit elevated and tipsy.   There is a little bit of uplift.  If we were with friends drinking alcohol, the drink effect would mirror the alcohol drink effects timeline.   We would all be in sync getting inebriated.

On cue around the 45 minute mark, the “high” experience emerges with a strengthening of euphoria and increasing energy.  By the hour mark, we believe the effects were in full force, which is equivalent to inhaling some weak cannabis.  We will need at least two or three cans to get to where we want to be with just 0.26 grams of Broken Coast’s Quadra, or WMMC Sour Jack, of a FIGR’s Wappa.  At $9 a can, the cost benefit analysis would have to favour “Flower.”

About an hour and a half into the session, we aborted the review mission.  We were not having a good time on the beautiful sunny Saturday with Deep Space.  We rolled and lit up one Spinach’s Diesel saving our day.  Immediately, we were released from our physical constraints to radiating vibrant joy and full of optimism.  The effects of a well rendered prolific strain can change us by extending our senses wrapped with joy immersed in intense creativity is something not found in the Deep Space beverage.

Activity pairing may include social gatherings as an alternative to alcoholic drinks.  For the health conscious and occasional cannabis user, cannabis beverages maybe more effective and appealing.


Deep Space by Tweed

To a large extend, we believe we may have negative expectations before we even began.  We did, however, discovered nanoemulsion in beverages as an interesting experience.  While we would not buy this again because of the taste and effects, we think nanoemulsion is cool and worth checking out at least once with Deep Space, or another THC beverage.

THC: 10mg/ml

Quality: 8.0

Intensity: 7.8

Duration: 8.0

Total: 7.9

Cost: $9.20 for 222ml

The nanoemulsion fast acting effects were interesting.  With nanoemulsion it is not hard to see what may have attracted Constellation Brands, a Beer company, to Canopy.  While fast acting, we did not enjoy the effects because they were tipsy and hazy with mild euphoria not unlike beer.  The main “high” is a weak sativa experience with a bit of body effects and without any standout key expressions like euphoria, creativity or uplift.   It’s a classic THC chemical concentrate “high” devoid of the full body, or full spectrum experience.

On an investment note, even with nanoemulsion delivery, we really do not believe edibles and beverages are going to be a meaningful consumption category for cannabis.  From a consumption effect profile, edibles and beverages produce a muted cannabis experience over a long period of time, which is unappealing at so many levels.  Edibles and beverage with cannabis may appeal to first time users as a healthier way to experience the effects of cannabis.    Investing in Cannabis believing edibles and beverages are going to save the day for an underperforming cannabis business is a bad idea.