Strain Integrity

According to Leafly, ” As the green revolution is steadily growing bigger in the USA, also USA based genetics are flourishing. A good example of potent USA genetics is GG. This strain was the successful result of crossing Chem’s Sister with Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel. These parents ensured the connoisseur taste and high of this amazing strain.

Another great USA variety that probably most growers have sampled by now is one of the many variations of OG Kush. With it’s distinctive taste and mysterious heritage, it has already filled many grow rooms with extremely potent product.

The master growers of Dutch Passion have crossed these two magnificent strains with each other and crossed the result with our longtime classic Blueberry. The outcome of this beautiful cross with XL yields and an average height of 1.5/2 m is called Glueberry OG and we are proud to have a new addition to our USA Special line.

According to Dutch Passion, the Breeder, ” Glueberry OG is a crossing from a mix of Indica and Sativa dominant strains. The effects of Indica strains are very relaxing, providing a heavy body relaxation. While the Sativa effects are more uplifting and give a strong psychoactive cerebral high. In comparison to the Blueberry strain, Glueberry OG has a stronger effect and is a little less sweet.

From the OCS website, ” Glueberry OG from Muskoka Grown is a GG#4 x OG Kush x Blueberry hybrid strain grown indoors in small batches. As a craft-cannabis producer, Muskoka Grown ensures that each plant is allowed to reach its full genetic potential is hand-trimmed and hand-crafted.

New genetics ~ Glueberry OG

Glueberry OG is a name that increases expectations and this strain by Muskoka Grown delivers everything and more.  At $44.95 for 3.5 grams, Glueberry OG by Muskoka Grown have 23.9% THC packaged on May 28, 2020, the scent was faintly citrus and peppery.  Checkout the packaging … crazy.  Our test amount was 0.26 grams, as always.

The “high” starts slowly with subtle perspective change during a very smooth inhalation session.  A full ten minutes after the inhalation session, the intensity starts to increase in strength.  Our heads are buzzing and our ears are ringing with audio hallucinations.  We slowly enter a quiet peaceful happy euphoric world.  It feels creamy and dreamy, if that makes any sense.  We could feel the “Couchlock” of GG#4, the “Cerebralness” of OG Kush and the “Bliss “of Blueberry … the triple treat.

Half hour after inhalation, we felt heavily sedated completely relaxed.  Our minds are slowed into a blissful dreamy beat with happiness ripping through our bodies.  Fully immersed, we happily drift through space and time like Alice in Wonderland.  What is there not to like?  The packaging should have been a giveaway to the experience coming.  Absolutely Sick … in a very good way.

Activity pairing is the “Starter” for the evening after a long hard day of work.  Glueberry OG is the strain for unwinding and relaxing.  The heavy sedative effects have a healing lift, which is beautifully destressing.


Glueberry OG by Muskoka Grown

We are overflowing with “Pride” because Muskoka Grown is our local craft grower and they are amazing.  Price aside, Glueberry OG is an excellent new genetic and equally well rendered by Muskoka Grown.

THC:  23.9%

Quality:  8.8

Intensity: 8.4

Duration: 8.0

Total: 8.4

Cost: $44.95 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  Yes, there is always room for a cultivar.  This hydroponically grown cannabis delivers a clean and terpenes rich “high.”   We would like to see more affordable prices around the $10 a gram range but it appears the newly launched strain have sold out on the OCS at the time of this review.   Clearly, pricing is not a deterrent.

On an investment note, Muskoka Grown is in trouble with this gut wrenching filing.  Life seldom unfolds according to plan and the journey is often a zig zag route rather than a straight road to success.  Nothing is ever easy.  Doing things for the first time like scaling production is a time and resource consuming process.  The Founder and CEO deferred his salary for the last year.  And here they are, owing millions and out of cash.  It is not easy growing and selling “Weed.”  A note to the lead investor, Arthur Zwingenberger, these folks are for real and they are dedicated to producing quality cannabis, the cornerstone for success.  And, we are really looking forward to reviewing “The Edge.”