Strain Integrity

According to Paradise Seeds, the Breeder, ” The buzz is intense, but not overwhelming. It sinks into the body, providing an indica carpet to walk over but never dragging you down. In fact Wappa brings an upful sense of purpose to your day’s proceedings. It has great power, but a benign power that will push you towards the doors of perception with a gentle nudge rather than an elevator free-fall. A good day smoke and one to keep the evening going too. Also popular with medical patients.

From the OCS website, ” FIGR No. 17 is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a strong, citrus smell that is elevated after being milled. Looking at the flower, it is quite dense and assumes a spade-like shape. Amongst the dark green leaves, you’ll find yellow and orange pistils (hairs). The flower is coated in a thick layer of trichomes (crystals), which almost gives it a yellow glow. Inspired by the optimum temperature for storing cannabis, 17° C.

Affordable FIGR?

Intrigued by a low cost version of FIGR No. 17 Craft,  we are reviewing FIGR No 17 Artisan with 19.5% THC packaged on January 28, 2020.  Note our original review of FIGR No 17 Craft had only 18.3% THC.  Test amount was 0.26 grams in a joint and 0.26 grams in a Volcano vapourizer.

The “high” starts immediately with a light lift of mind and body.  This Wappa hits quietly with time dilation and memory misalignments to make time disappear.   Energy level is at a “Refreshing” rate.  While it took half an hour to reach decent cerebral stimulation and euphoria, we were entertained the entire time.  The operative word is “decent.”

For comparison to FIGR No 17 Craft, the Craft’s “high” is a richer and fuller experience on a side by side comparison.  The Craft version feels stronger and the effects are more multi-dimensional in the sense we can feel each expression intimately.  The expression of “Joy” and happiness were more pronounced, more intense.    Everything feels fuller and richer in energy, strength and intensity with FIGR’s Craft.   This was an unexpected lesson.  Yes, we like the lower THC FIGR No 17 Craft better because the “high” pops compared to “decent” for the Artisan version.

Activity pairing is better for the evening time slot.  There is sedation of body and mind so staying away from physically demanding activity is a good idea.  We like Indica for self meditative moments to rejuvenate and revitalize.


FIGR No 17 (Wapa) Artisan by FIGR

Unwittingly we discovered something about THC ratings in this review again challenged the wisdom of higher THC.  This cheaper version of FIGR Wappa Artisan with 19.5% has more THC than our FIGR Wappa Craft with 18.3% packaged October 18, 2019.  But, the whole buds FIGR Craft with lower THC was better.  The FIGR No 17 Artisan is a much cheaper slightly lower intensity version of FIGR’s Craft version.

THC:  19.5%

Quality: 7.8

Intensity: 7.8

Duration: 8.0

Total: 7.9

Cost: $28.95 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  Most likely not because we have little use for the medium, a fine grind form of ready to use cannabis.  It appears this is best for vaping.  For those with limited budget and want to try FIGR, this may be the option.

On a longer investment note, FIGR is in a prepackaged Chapter 11 … been there and done that. In our case, we took NASDAQ public Company, International CMOS Technology, private through a prepackaged Chapter 11.  Public shareholders lost everything.  We cleaned the balance sheet paying $0.10 on the dollar to trade creditors and later sold it to a Japanese Semiconductor company.  For FIGR, they may choose to retain their public listing, which is what current shareholders are praying for.  And, the sad thing is it was not Cannabis that put FIGR’s parent in trouble.  It was their tobacco trading business where China is a huge part of their business.  And for everyone, the China problem is way bigger than the Covid-19 problem.