Strain Integrity

According to Leafly, ” Paris OG is an indica-dominant strain with calming effects that promote rest and relaxation. Rumor has it that Paris OG descends from Headband and Lemon OG, who together pass on a sweet blend of fruity, citrus flavors. With victories in multiple competitions including 1st place in the 2014 Michigan High Times’ Cannabis Cup, Paris OG has undoubtedly secured itself a long-lasting reputation in the cannabis world.

From the OCS website, ” Paris OG is an indica-dominant strain with a sweet blend of fruity, citrus flavours. 

Interesting new genetics

Discovering strains like Paris OG is what Strain Surfing is all about.  Packaged on June 26, 2020, costing $26.95 for 3.5 grams, Paris OG comes with only 17.7% THC smelling more like sweet Sativa than danky Indica.  This is a new genetic delivering cerebral blissfulness with conviction at a winning price point.

The “high” starts half way through our smooth and flavourful inhalation session as reality begins to distort.  By the end of the inhalation session, we were well under way.   Is time speeding up?  In the first ten minutes, we can feel light body sedation, semi-physical mental buzzing in the brains, heightened sensory awareness and blissful euphoria.  We are acutely aware that time is zooming along as we past the 15 minute mark distressing us because we wanted this too last.  Jump on the Magic Carpet!

Half an hour into the session on the Magic Carpet, time slows down and cerebral blissfulness envelopes us.  Euphoric joy is the main theme of Paris OG producing rippling good vibes where music never sounded better.  This new Indica genetic delivers a wakeful refreshing energy that makes physical activities enjoyable.  Our walking and shopping review protocols produced very enjoyable functional experiences.  At the end of two hours, our minds and bodies have a lingering heavier mind and body residual effects.

Activity pairing can include daytime activities because the “high” has ample energy.  This new Indica genetic delivers “Sativa” like moments wrapped with in bliss.  Paris OG can bring a joyful and relaxed presence to a social gathering with a few close friends, or provide solitary healing moments to recuperate.


Paris OG by 48North

Paris OG 48North surprised us with a unique “high” experience.  We were blown away by the overwhelming feeling of joy, happiness, refreshing energy, cerebral enlightenment in a blissful world delivered with an understated potency.  We don’t want to say it “This maybe mispriced.”  While we liked Green Crush, the lower pricing and the effects of Paris OG made this our favourite of the two strains.  Yea, we think fans of cannabis should definitely try this strain.

THC:  17.7%

Quality:  8.2

Intensity:  8.1

Duration:  8.0

Total: 8.1

Cost:  $26.95 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  We already did.  As we were writing this review, we realized we only paid $26.95 and immediately ordered more before it ran out.  This is a craft product for under $8 a gram and it delivers a premium experience.  Did we say you should try this?

On an investment note, we are big fans of grass root economics and Craft Growers represent the essence of sustainable cannabis business, in our humble opinion.  Grass root economics is about energizing local businesses to create sustainable healthy lifestyle for our communities.  48North is a grass root cannabis business funded by local entrepreneurs based in Ottawa.  Sometimes, good things comes in small packages.