Strain Integrity

From the OCS website, ”  A carefully curated selection of indoor-grown indica strains, expertly cured to deliver a consistently flavourful and smooth flower experience. ”

Mixed Indica?

JWC’s cannabis are aeroponics grown, which is unique.   Packaged on June 23, 2020, Select Indica by JWC cost $82.95 for 14 grams with very faint floral Indica scent.  It appears there are different bud structures and colour indicating different strains in the mix.  Like a mix green salad, this is a mix Indica.  As we can visually identify two different bud structure and colour, we are doing two separate recording sessions both at 0.26 grams each.

The bud structure for this review was a light less dense structure.  This is a fast acting “high” as we could feel the effects half way into our inhalation session.  The taste was smooth good weed instead of flavourful exotic weed.  Euphoria is the first expression.  The energy increase is quick and buzzy as happiness begin to flow over the first ten minutes.  This has an old school classic “high” feel with a few cannabis expressions like euphoria, happiness and growing calming bliss.   For the price, we are liking this cheap value Indica grown aeroponically by  JWC.

Our second recording session was a denser darker colour bud structure.  The “high” is a heavier hazier dull effect, which is a typical sedative Indica.  It took almost 15 minutes for full effects unlike our first session where it took ten minutes for full effects.  Our first session was more uplifting, which we enjoyed.   Twenty minutes into our 2nd session, the “high” fully blossomed into a sedative blissful state of mind and body.

Activity pairing for this Select Indica is best for killing time doing nothing.  This would be perfect for camping where there is a lot of free time and 14 grams.


Select Indica by JWC

A year ago this would have been a very competitive product based on pricing and potency.  Today, the value segment of cannabis is one of the most competitive market segment with Hexo’s Original Stash Reserve at 24% THC and Aurora’s Daily Specials at 20%+ THC life have never been better for cannabis consumers.  Within this context, we find the JWC Select Indica to be underwhelming at the price point and potency delivered compared to the competition.  If you want to try, this is not expensive and it may resonate more with you than with us.

THC:  15.78%

Quality:  7.4

Intensity:  7.2

Duration:  7.5

Total:  7.4

Cost:  $82.95 for 14 grams

Would we buy this again?  No.  We believe there are better and cheaper options available.  Aurora’s Daily Specials Indica have been consistently delivering in the 20%+ THC at $75 for 15 grams is a good alternative.

On an investment note, JWC has been sold from bankruptcy to Trichrome Financial.  Trichrome paid $13 million compared to the $60 million invested by JWC.  In the hotel industry, it is the second hotel owner with a lower cost base that has a better chance of succeeding.  We wish the new owners Trichrome Financials “the Best” in their acquisition of JWC.