Strain Integrity

From the OCS website, ” Proudly grown in Canada, Simple Stash offers consumers quality whole flower without all of the confusion. Simple Stash Sativa™ is five grams of quality cannabis bud with a medium THC potency potential and little-to-no CBD. Proudly grown in Canada, Simple Stash offers consumers quality whole flower without all of the confusion. Why? Because clarity + affordability = a simple stash. After all, life can be stressful, but cannabis doesn’t have to be.

Value cannabis from Canopy?

Sativa Bud by Simple Stash is a value Canopy Brand.  Packaged on June 29, 2020, costing $24.95 for 5 grams with 15.0% THC, Sativa Bud looks and smells a lot like Houndstooth aka Candyland.  But who knows?  Our test amount was 0.26 grams.

The “high” is a typical sativa start with a light mental jolt of increase awareness and happiness.  There is the sativa buzzing in the head a few minutes after inhalation ends.  Rising euphoria and body lift goes hand in hand as we enter the ten minute mark.  There is a healthy mix of time dilation, creative drifts, euphoria and happiness increasing with greater intensity over the first 15 minutes.  It is a good energetic happy creative and euphoric classical sativa “high.”

An hour later, the intensity of the “high” dropped noticeably.   The entire experience for us last a bit less than two hours leaving a relaxed mind and body.  For the price, this Sativa Bud by Simple Stash does the job of giving us a quick pickup in energy and euphoric lift.  We think it is competitive with Redecan, Grasslands, Good Supply and Re-Up in this price range.

Activity pairing base on cost makes this Sativa Bud ideal for general applications … everything and anything?  This strain provides a strong basic sativa effect for about two hours end to end.  Using a wine analogy, this is a really good table wine.


Sativa Bud by Simple Stash (Canopy)

The Canadian legal cannabis market is exploding with value offerings and Simple Stash Sativa is the Canopy’s value “Weed.”  We are suitably impressed with Sativa Bud delivering a short energetic and entertaining experience. But, there are so many good competing alternatives in this very competitive value price range.  The consumer is the winner here.

THC:  15.0%

Quality:  7.8

Intensity: 7.7

Duration:  7.6

Total:  7.7

Cost:  $24.95 for 5 grams

Would we buy this again?  No.  Canopy other value Brand with Twd.28 for $125 an ounce is essentially the same stuff.   It appears Canopy is just repackaging different grades of one strain to different price points just like everyone else.  We did a get a decent “high” with Sativa Bud competing well with Re-Up’s CTRQ, a lighter and more efervescent Sativa “high.”  Or for a few dollars more, there is Monkey Glue for $147.25 for an ounce and it is at least 2X better than these value strains.

On an investment note, despite all the “Hate” on Canopy from the online “Weed” community, Canopy sells a lot of “Weed.”  Someone out there likes them.   The visual appeal of Tweed/Canopy’s products are low but they always seem to deliver something.  The Canopy branding, however, seems to be a mess with Twd, Twd.28 and Simple Stash all fighting one another with the same strain.  But, it is good to see Canopy trying?