Strain Integrity

From the OCS website, ” SATIVA! is your opportunity to take things light and simple — let these fine herbs be your companion. Tap into the lighter side and enjoy the everyday with SATIVA!

Cheapest weed

Sativa! by B!ngo is a budget brand from Aphria cost $69.95 for 15 grams, or $116.95 for 28 grams, is the cheapest weed in the Canadian legal cannabis market.  To put it into perspective, the most expensive cannabis sells for over $76 for 3.5 grams.  There is a certain amount of excitement in trying the cheapest cannabis.  Our test amount was 0.26 grams and 0.40 grams.

The “high” starts slowly after inhalation with a steady lift feeling happy with a mild euphoric transition.  Heading towards the ten minute mark, the slow steady climb continues with increasing cerebral stimulation.  At the 15 minute mark, we can definitely say “We are “high” ” and it is still slowly climbing! Chug, chug, chug, chug ….  Twenty minutes later! this Sativa finally arrives with a mild entertaining compliments of sativa expressions like happiness, optimism, light effervescent energy and cerebral massages.  Okay, we got our money’s worth.

Half an hour into the session, the “high” delivers a low intensity full spectrum sativa experience.  Past the hour mark, the “high” decline in intensity was barely noticeable as the steady low level “high” continues.  At the 90 minute mark, there is some mental haziness but the “high” presences is still chugging along .. surprisingly.

We extended our review to a higher dosage at 0.40 grams.  The B!ngo Sativa scales with increase intensity and time dilation.  At the higher dose, the “high” was more “In the moment” and an hour vanished quickly.   We did a shopping run exploring every nook and cranny of that supermarket with the curiosity and excitement of a child.  Bingo!

Activity pairing is best for active daytime tasks that requires attention.   The real strength of this Sativa rendition by B!ngo is the delivery of the complete sativa expressions at a very functional intensity, which has a value for us.  We could use this strain to be productive without the debilitating effects of stronger and more potent strains.


Sativa! by B!ngo (Aphria)

This review went better than expected.  Sativa! by B!ngo is a satisfying “high” albeit at low intensity.  This strain, however, scales and amping up the volume helps increase the intensity.  For that strain that gives a light lift and get things done for a cheap price, this Sativa! hits all those checkboxes.

THC:  14.58%

Quality:  7.5

Intensity:  7.0

Duration:  7.2

Total:  7.23

Cost:  $69.95 for 15 grams

Would we buy this again?  Maybe.  Unless there is a hard budget line, spending a dollar more per gram makes a world of difference.  For $20 more on 15 grams, Good Supply’s Growers Choice Sativa or Jean Guy deliver a bigger bang for the dollar.  Grassland’s Sativa or Twd’s Sativa are all more potent and about the same price.  But for a light functional “high,” Sativa! by B!ngo delivers a happy effervescent light energetic “high” so we can go about our day and get things done with a smile on our face.

On an investment note, the budget category for Aphria appears to be their weakest product offerings.  Grassland (Sundial), Twd (Canopy), Original Stash (Hexo) and Daily Specials (Aurora) have some of the best value cannabis offerings delivering potency at attractive pricing.  The grey market just cannot compete with these folks.  Statistics Canada retail sales confirmed legal cannabis sales of $232 million in July, 2020, up 116% from last year.