Strain Integrity

From Leafly, ” The mostly indica Nuken is a Canadian strain bred by combining genetics from Kish (a cross of two Shishkaberry parents) and God Bud. Her even-keeled effects are delivered alongside a sweet, earthy aroma of fresh herbs and grass. While undeniably strong, Nuken typically leaves you functional enough to still enjoy hobbies and the company of friends. Nuken blooms with rounded, dense buds covered in a blanket of crystal resin veiling its sage hues.

From the OCS website, ” Some people stay close to home, others prefer to sing among the stars. Nuken doesn’t discriminate and thinks being in both places at the same time is just fine. A very potent indica-hybrid that can reach THC levels over 20%, Nuken’s terp profile is sweet.

A Canadian Classic – Nuken

Nuken by Palmetto (Sundial) packaged on July 14, 2020, about 9 weeks before this review, came with 19.1% THC cost $31.95 for 3.5 grams with a sweet floral scent.  Out test amount was 0.26 grams.

The “high” is a fast acting effect strain.  Effects onset started with the inhalation session and continues rapidly with increasing euphoria followed by our all time bad actor, time dilation.  Time is accelerating at a dizzying speed as we approach the 15 minute mark.  WTF?  Already?  There is a clear uplifting efervescent euphoric mind in the fine tradition of a balanced hybrid.  Our thoughts are clear, crisp and functional.  Creativity binds our thoughts to open and enlighten an intellectual flow.  Hey, this is “Nuken” talking.

Happiness emerges forcefully around the 20 minute mark to complete the “Nuken” experience.  Set a drift in a sea of happiness, we floated on a dreamy magic carpet released from the suffocating confines of being human.  Wrapped in the Indica cocoon of blissful happiness, we can isolate and rejuvenate. Thirty minutes later, there’s a steady flow of energy powering the creative surges inside a happy blissful cocoon … exactly what we were expecting, a perfect 50/50 hybrid blend even though it’s an 80/20 Indica hybrid.

Approaching the one hour mark, we are still “high” with no perceptible decline in intensity.  Two hours later, we are still “high” albeit the intensity is now much lower.  It did last three hours from end to end.

Activity pairing can include both day and evening time slots because of the balance “high” effects.  This “high” is comfortable in a social interactive environment or a solitude productive work environment.


Nuken by Palmetto (Sundial)

For fans of Nuken, this Nuken by Palmetto hits all the key notes delivering a perfect blend of indica and sativa expressions.  With a steady flow of creative energy wrapped in a blissful cocoon, this Nuken rendition can deliver a productive and calming state equally helpful in working and relaxing.  We have not had Nuken for years and this is a satisfying experience.

THC:  19.1%

Quality:  8.2

Intensity:  8.1

Duration:  8.0

Total:  8.1

Cost:  $31.95 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  Yes, if we have a craving for Nuken.  Nuken is a classic hybrid delivering a balance “high.”

On an investment note, Sundial’s share price and products have diverging trends.  While Sundial continues to deliver strong products and aggressive pricing, their share price continues to plunge indicating something is terribly wrong.  A quick check revealed a major founder/insider selling, which should not be a surprise given the recent massive debt restructuring that can be unbelievably painful and personal.  Should someone’s misery be our good fortune?