Strain Integrity

From SKOSHA, ” Nor’Easter Plus is resin-packed, with a strong cannabinoid profile and offers pleasant aromas of spice, citrus, and pine. SKOSHA’s top sativa-dominant flower, named with respect to the powerful storms on Canada’s East Coast is harvested carefully, lightly trimmed, and manually inspected throughout the process to ensure trichome preservation. Influenced by our surroundings, we believe in freshness and a natural taste. Through our extensive plant care, we can provide non-irradiated flower.

A stormy strain from the East Coast

Nor’Easter Plus by Skosha, a new East Coast Craft Grower, cost $54.95 for 3.5 grams with 21.07% THC with a herbal floral scent packaged on August 17, 2020, about 6 weeks before this review.  Noteworthy, for the price Nor’Easter came in a cheap plastic bag with questionable zipper integrity requiring the content to be immediately transferred to a higher integrity container.  Out test amount was 0.26 grams.

Named to capture the storms on the East Coast, the “high” starts and accelerates upon completing the inhalation session.  The euphoric lift is noticeable in the first 5 minutes sending our mind on a dizzying expresso lift where a clear mental haziness and buzzing emerged with physical body and brain sensations detected.  A bit past ten minutes and the “high” is evolving with haziness dissipating and an increasing clarity awareness emerging and extending.  Creativity starts to percolate with a touch of optimism.  Somewhere around the 15 minute mark, time dilation came in quietly to disengage us from reality.

This is a different type of sativa compared to Msiku’s Peggy’s Pride.  Nor’Easter Plus is a nastier sativa with a kick in the head “high” and a more intense creativity expression.  Peggy’s Pride has more “Joy” and optimism making it perfect for that first slot of the day.  Nor’Easter Plus feels like a Ghost Train Haze.

Half an hour into the session, we are fully emerged in an intense time dilated reality powered by an uplifting and creative energy.  The “high” maintained a steady intensity for a solid hour before noticeably declining, which maybe a function of a stronger than average take-off?  We got a solid two hours of entertainment and another half an hour of chilled vibes.

Activity pairing is best for late afternoons or evenings as an energy pickup and refreshment.  The strong energy and uplift can boost an energy depleted state of affairs.  With such a “loud” high and so much to say, this strain should excel in social interactions and physically demanding activities.   For us. this is more pf a party sativa.


Nor’Easter Plus by Skosha

Nor’Easter Plus by Skosha is good but extremely overpriced.   The packaging was an immediate concern given the cost of the product.  Nor’Easter Plus delivered a solid hour of strong head banging sativa “high.”   If you have money to burn and want to try a new strain from a new East Coast craft grower, Sure give this a try.

THC:  21.07%

Quality:  8.1

Intensity:  8.1

Duration:  8.0

Total:  8.06

Cost:  $54.95 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  No.  We would not buy this again because Msiku and Truro provide better value and better products.   We put Robinson and Skosha in the same category as they both overcharged and under delivered … meh.  Skosha would have to drop their prices and increase the THC.

On an investment note for small scale producers, the craft market is now a lot more crowded with new entrants like Simply Bare, Robinson, Msiku, Truro, Skosha, Citizen Stash, Ignite, GTEC and Qwest, which is ripe for downward pricing pressure.   One thing is for certain, the small scale producers, the craft growers, produce significantly better cannabis.