Strain Integrity

According to Leafly, ” Rockstar Kush, also known as BC Rockstar, is a popular strain in British Columbia renowned for its excellent medical qualities. This hybrid of Rockstar and Bubba Kush emits a heavy odor of skunk and piney Kush. Rockstar Kush, a heavy indica, helps patients overcome aches, pains, and anxieties with its relaxing effects that also stimulate a reduced appetite.

From the OCS website, ” Skunky, funky and sorta sour, it steals the show every time anyway.

Note:  With millions of dollars invested, is ” Skunky, funky and sorta sour, it steals the show every time anyway  ” the best description for the product?

Price drop review

Rockstar Kush by Spinach packaged on June 30, 2020, about 3 months before this review, cost $28.95 (12% cheaper) for 3.5 grams, came with 19.8% THC and some non-descrip earthy scent.   Our test amount was 0.26 grams.

The “high” is a fast acting effect strain with immediate euphoria during inhalation.  We could feel the cocooning effect of intensifying blissfulness as we slowly withdraw into a calm quiet peaceful and happy shell.  The two personalities of cannabis, the introvert and the extrovert.  Rockstar Kush is an introvert experience.  Wrapped up in a tight ball of blissfulness, there is a deep sense of calmness and contentment.  There is body sedation to mirror the calmness of the mind as we enter “the Zen” state in 10 minutes.   Boom Shakala! here we are again on da magic carpet.

Rockstar is a very vibrant outward bound energetic “high” when combined with the Kush we got a “Tranquilized Rockstar.”  As we approach the half hour mark, our minds are treated to a vibrant creative mental refreshment while our body gets a relaxing muscle massage.  This strain gave us a deep sense of contentment and happiness, which makes it difficult to be critical of the effects.  Time dilation is our friend making two hours disappear with the snap of a finger.

Activity pairing is best for the “Me” time or spending some time with close friends.  Demanding physical activities should be avoided.  This strain would be perfect for watching movies, chilling over Netflix, watching sunsets and ending to a hectic day.  Enjoy.


Rockstar Kush by Spinach (Cronos)

When we reviewed Msiku and Truro, we were head over heels with the premium quality of the products and effects.  Than we review this decent strain, Rockstar Kush by Spinach, and we were equally happy with the experience.  Sure, given a choice we did pick Msiku and Truro over Spinach.  But, we are also happy with Spinach’s Rockstar Kush.  Maybe, we just like cannabis?  We got a good “high” off Rockstar Kush by Spinach.

THC:  19.8%

Quality:  7.8

Intensity:  7.8

Duration:  7.8

Total:  7.8

Cost:  $28.95 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  Yes.  We like the Cronos brands Spinach and Cove despite their horrendous financial performances.  Spinach has some incredible deals with their new pricing on White Widow and Diesel.  And, we do really like this Rockstar Kush from Spinach as we reach out for it almost everyday grabbing a spot in our rotation.

On an investment note, is low prices the answer?  As an example, Aphria’s B!ngo, Canada’s cheapest weed, generated $18.7 million out of $145.7 million, which represented 5,340 kg out of 20,882 kg.   B!ngo accounted for 30% of Aphria’s cannabis volume and only 12% of revenues.  While there were a number of one time cost items, Aphria lost $5.1 million in this recent B!ngo quarter compared to a $16.4 million profit a year ago.  We just want people to appreciate it is a tough job producing cannabis.  For Cronos, it is going to be an extremely painful experience for Altria, their major investor.