Strain Integrity

From the OCS website, ” Hiway hash is a terpene rich solventless extract made from pressed dry sift. ”

Note:  For the millions of dollars spent to deliver this hash product to consumer, all they could do was a one liner description with spelling mistakes?  We just cut & paste OCS information.

The HashWay?

Hash by HiWay packaged on August 29, 2020, cost $39.95 for 2.0 grams came with 35% THC smelling spicy.  The texture and scent are similar to past hard pressed Moroccan or Lebanese pollen hash.  Our test amount was 0.20 grams each on the rationale  that this is like reviewing high grade flowers of 31% THC.

The “high” starts with each inhalation.  By the end of our lengthy ten minute inhalation session, our heads were buzzing.  For those who have experienced psychedelics, this Hash brings some of those psychedelic elements to life.  Audio fidelity is incredibly “high” with multidimensional multiplexing capabilities.   Cerebral awakening is an intense and vibrant perception with crystal clear clarity.  And than, there is Euphoria.  Welcome to the “Land of the Assassins.”

Time is irrelevant.  Ten minutes, twenty minutes, thirty minutes drifts by as “Time” stood still for the Assassin.  Hrm, we think we took too much.    At the half hour mark, the “high” is a strong forceful clear euphoric energetic and cerebrally enlightened.  Hash by HiWay feels very sativa with the uplifting vibrant cerebral “high.”  While past the first hour the drop in intensity was barely noticeable, the “high” came to a dramatic drop in intensity about ninety minutes after the session began.

On a separate note, we also tested the Storz and Bickle’s Volcano with this hash and it did not turned out.  The “high” was just like consuming some sativa cannabis with heavy muted effects.    Our regular testing consumption methodology for Hash was the pipe, which we recommend.

Activity pairing can accommodate a broad range of activities.  While there is a high degree of introspectiveness, Hash “high” can also be very functional even under intense effects, a uniquely hash trait.  The crisp energy and clear focus also make Hash “high” productive too.  Our musicians here really appreciate the elevated musical senses from this hash.


Hash by HiWay (Supreme Cannabis)

If there is a complain about Hash, it is Hash is harder to consume and requires special preparations.  Once we overcome the consumption protocol, the Hash “high” is worth the effort.

THC:  35.02%

Quality:  8.5

Intensity:  8.4

Duration:  8.2

Total:  8.36

Cost:  $39.95 for 2 grams

Would we buy this again?  Yes.  We are surprised at how few hash products are in the market.  This Hash by HiWay delivers an intense cerebral uplifting euphoric “high” that seems to inspire the musicians and writers here.  We recommend trying Hash by HiWay to experience what a pure natural cannabis concentrate “high” is like.

On an investment note, HiWay is an affordable brand from Supreme Cannabis.  Survival of Supreme Cannabis was improved with the recent conversion of debt to equity, a growing trend.  Tilray also recently negotiated conversion of some of their debts.  Debt conversion is critical to the survival of most of the Canadian LPs.  This is the “Way” out?