Strain Integrity

From the OCS website, ” Afghani Drifter is a Hybrid strain that has a very high total THC potential which can regularly exceed 25% when grown indoors. This potency is balanced by a solid terpene content led by myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene that give off gobs of hash-y, earthy aromas with a strong hit of funky musk and pepper spice notes. Visually, its bright green buds are generously laced with orange-hued filaments and absolutely covered in frosty trichomes.

Greybeard makes this cultivar available in a 7.0 g size only, as we believe that big beautiful buds should stay as big and beautiful as possible. Each 7.0 g container is filled with one large top cola and filled out with small to medium sized buds.

Greybeard ~ A new Craft Grower

Afghani Drifter by Greybeard packaged on October 21, 2020, cost $84.95 for 7 grams came with 25.83% THC and a floral musky earthy spicy scent.  Our test amount was 0.26 grams.

The “high” start during inhalation and the intensity builds slowly over the first 20 minutes.  This is a very interesting launch profile as the intensity is a solid steady climb.  The impact was we did not realize how “Stoned” we were getting when suddenly we realized “WOW” we were really “high.”  At the 20 minute mark, euphoric intensity was the prime expression.  There’s mental clarity but fuzzy logic was more prominent.  Off course, there’s joy and blissfulness to top it off.

OK.  This “high” profile is very different because it continues to evolve past the half hour mark.  Cerebral awakening enters our mind to complete a fuller spectrum cannabis experience.  This is probably one of the longest creepers we have the pleasure of experiencing.  This is a Drifter.

Expectations, however, have thrown a wrench into our perception.  Afghani is a name that conjures up strong memories relating to Black Afghani Hash.  For those looking for an Afghani “high,” go for TGOD’s LA Confidential.  Not only does LA Confidential  smell like black Afghani hash, the “high” hits like black Afghani hash.  Afghani Drifter is a hybrid and it is different.

Activity pairing is best for the evening slots.  On our walk about review testing protocol, the walk started out great but after about half an hour the Indica effects made walking more challenging.  Afghani Drifter “high” is more of a journey though varying cannabis effects with a relaxing endpoint.  It’s a Drifter.


Afghani Drifter by Greybeard (Thrive Cannabis)

Afghani Drifter came in 5 large nuggets with a very impressive visual impact.  This is old school “Weed” grown by old school growers.  While it is not cheap, it is also not crazy expensive.  The OCS sold out quickly and this review was purchased from a retail store.  We recommend trying this very interesting strain.

THC:  25.83%

Quality:  8.2

Intensity:  8.1

Duration:  8.1

Total:  8.13

Cost:  $84.95 for 7 grams

Would we buy this again?  Yes.  Afghani Drifter by Greybeard delivers a unique “high” profile, which should be experienced.  A word to Greybeard, “There was a strong smell of ammonia initially when we broke the buds apart.” Clearly, delivering perfect cannabis is not a trivial exercise.  After a bit of airing, the ammonia is now gone and all the buds smelled wonderful.  We are looking forward to trying a Sativa or Hybrid strain from Greybeard?

On an investment note, we are excited to see a craft grower like Thrive Cannabis enter the market.  Craft Grower brands like Greybeard, Msiku, Truro and Citizen Stash, to name a few, are delivering some of the finest cannabis in the Canadian cannabis market.  As these little community powered Licensed Producers deliver da best cannabis, the majors Aphria and Tilray are getting married to takeover the World and to save a $100 million?  At least, it is just a paper swap.