Strain Integrity

From the Citizen Stash, ” Mimoza (Stonewall in AB) boasts delicious citrusy orange aromas and flavors infused with more subtle earthy and sour tones. It has dense wintergreen buds with a heavy covering of milky-white trichomes which contrast beautifully with the hints of orange and purple. The buds are pesticide free, hand-harvested and hand-trimmed.

According to Leafly, ” Mimosa is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Clementine with Purple Punch. Smoking Mimosa provides happy, level-headed effects. In large doses, this strain can make you feel more on the sleepy side. Mimosa tastes like its namesake, with fruit and citrus flavors bursting through. Medical marijuana patients choose Mimosa to help relieve symptoms associated with depression and stress. This strain is a rising star in the cannabis community. 

Just another awesome strain

Stonewall aka Mimosa by Citizen Stash packaged on November 13, 2020, cost $41.95 for 3.5 grams with 25.7% THC and a strong floral citrus scent.  Our test amount was 0.26 grams.

The “high” starts with a strong uplift in well being coupled with an intense time and memory shift after the inhalation session ended.  Writing a review under this intense “high” is like herding rabbits.  We should just kick back and enjoy this euphoric lift with cerebral fireworks.   This is just another damn good strain from Citizen Stash, Thank You! Liam.  We get to experience the “LOVE” between this cultivator and his cultivar.  And, this is what it’s all about with a perfect pairing.

Stonewall delivered a “Donkey” kick to the head, which was truly enjoyable by any measure.   At the 45 minute mark, there was no real drop in intensity as time just melts away.  At the 75 minute mark, the “high” intensity and effects were stronger than the peak intensity of the weaker budget/value strains we have tried.  Well, this is 3X more expensive than the budget/value strains.

On our shopping review protocol, the first twenty minutes were intensely challenging because we forgot why we were there.  But, we eventually remembered a lengthy shopping list without pen and paper. We got everything and more.  After the intense cerebral explosion where there was a brief moment of “Panic” when we forgot our purpose in life, the shopping trip was a surreal experience.  For clarification, there were no driving involved in our shopping trips.

Activity pairing is everything goes well with Stonewall.  This uplifting cerebral strain works as an energy pickup in the late evenings.  With the right dosing, Stonewall can be weaponized to be a creative/productivity tool.  While driving a car is dangerous when you are “high,” creating music and writing are activities that can really shine under the influence of Stonewall.  Apply appropriately for best results.


Stonewall aka Mimosa by Citizen Stash (Experion Holdings Ltd.)

The quality of cannabis we have reviewed recently have been out of this world.  Stonewall aka Mimosa by Citizen Stash is another big winner that puts a smile on our face.

THC:  25.7%

Quality:  8.5

Intensity:  8.3

Duration:  8.2

Total:  8.33

Cost:  $41.95 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  Maybe.  To be honest, we really don’t know because there are so many good strains available and we are still strain surfing.  We would like to see a larger option offering with slightly lower prices?  For those who have not tried the Mimosa strain, this is a great opportunity.

On an investment note, we hope investors at a very minimum know how to read financial statements.  We “highly” recommend for Canadians “The Canadian Security Course,” or CSC, for a good base knowledge on investing.  We read financial statements like a Tinder profile.  In that context, this Citizen Stash dude looks “Smoking Hot!”