Strain Integrity

From the OCS website, ” A combination of strains with citrus & tropical aromas. Your lift ticket down a citrusy slope of tropical proportions!

Simply “WOW”

In our last Christmas shopping run, we came across a Sale at our local dispensary, One Plant.  Tropic Thunder by SHRED (Organigram) packaged on November 9, 2020, cost $22.35 for 7 grams, a rock bottom price of $3.19 a gram!  Our test amount was 0.26 grams.

On the day we acquired Tropic Thunder after three inhalation sessions, we looked at this newly acquired Tropic Thunder smelling very citrusy and decided to give it a quick spin.  Immediately after we finish our inhalation, our prejudice and disrespect for an Organigram rock bottom priced Tropic Thunder was to immediately start rolling some real cannabis to get a real “high.”  The “high,” however, starts unapologetically with a slap in the face and stopped us dead on our tracks trying to roll another joint.

The “high” starts quickly with rising euphoria and body lift.  The mental cobwebs get swept away with a refreshing bright awakening.  Time dilation, memory dislocation, creative surges, happiness with a clean refreshing energy was unexpected and a winner. The “high” is reminiscent of a Chemdawg, Ultra Sour, Diesel and Grapefruit GG4 type of “high.”  With forcefulness, vibrant creativity with a euphoric lift delivered a one two knockout punch.  This Tropic Thunder hits like a $10 a gram sativa cannabis product.  Simply “WOW!”

We are trying hard to find negatives without success.  At the 45 minute mark, while the drop in intensity was noticeable, we were still enjoying the Tropic Thunder effects.  Finally, the negative, if there is one, is that the decline is precipitous around the 90 minute mark.  The entire “high” last a bit less than two hours.  We don’t really care because for the price we got our money’s worth in the first hour.

Activity pairing is anytime, anywhere and all the time.  We find ourselves placing Tropic Thunder into our daily rotation against a backdrop of stellar premium cannabis alternatives.


Tropic Thunder by SHRED (Organigram)

Tropic Thunder by SHRED (Organigram) is the most potent value blended cannabis we have tried.  This product broke many of our pre conceive notion of what good cannabis should be.  Kept fresh with an Integra Booster and a strong scent, this ready to consume blended cannabis hits hard.  While we got this on sale at $3.19 a gram, we think it is worth the original $4.07 a gram price, or $28.50 for 7 grams.

THC:  20.7%

Quality:  8.2

Intensity:  8.0

Duration:  8.0

Total: 8.07

Cost:  $22.35 for 7 grams

Would we buy this again?  Oh yeah.  For sure, even at full price.  Organigram is putting their best products out at the lowest price?  Organigram is an LP we do not normally review because ….  But, we think this Tropic Thunder by SHRED is a surprisingly very good CHEAP product not to be missed.

On an investment note, we took a quick peek at Organigram financials and the Balance Sheet looks good.  Plagued with underwhelming products, Organigram saw their future in edibles, which we believe was a dead end road.  We think the launch of SHRED, however, may well signal a change in their fortunes.