Strain Integrity

According to Leafly, ” Cherry Punch is a potent sativa-hybrid marijuana strain crossed between Cherry AK-47 and Purple Punch F2. Bred by Symbiotic Genetics, Cherry Punch (also known as Black Cherry Punch) is widely celebrated for its bold cherry flavor profile that comes from dense, citrus terpenes. Consumers who smoke this strain say it smells fruity and rich and a little skunk-like. The high you get from smoking Cherry Punch is uplifting and relaxing – perfect for jamming out to a new album or even taking care of a few errands. This strain is ideal for those seeking relief from anxiety and stress. Cherry Punch buds come in a dark green color with purple specks and striking orange hairs. 

From the OCS website, ” Go Steady Black Cherry Punch is an Indica-dominant hybrid with sweet cherry and citrus flavours. Its deep purple and dark forest green flowers are peppered with fiery orange pistils (hairs), giving this strain a uniquely juicy appearance.

ma best friend

Go Steady Black Cherry Punch by FIGR packaged on December 22, 2020, cost $32.95 for 3.5 grams with 20.8% THC and 1.3% Terpenes smelling like Cherries!  Our test amount was 0.26 grams.

The “high” starts with a Cherry tasting inhalation session and a promising but light euphoric mental lift.  Once the “high” takes hold, which is about 5 minutes after inhalation ends, Black Cherry Punch’s intensity increase with force and acceleration.  A bucket of blissfulness crashes over our heads creating a space free of expectations and stress.  Freed from the shackles of being “Human,” our spirit can soar to great heights of Enlightenment. Welcome to IndicaVille.

The “High” we describe is a bit over “The Top?”  There may be some truth to “Over The Top” when we read it again.  The problem was we were reading it while we were “Straight.”  Our reviews only make sense under the Influence.  You can only truly  understand this website when you are “High.”  This Black Cherry Punch delivered a solid two hours of enjoyment with another hour of chill vibes, as expected.

Activity pairing is best for evening time slots.  The main attraction for Black Cherry Punch is the Blissful Joyfulness.  Under the influence of Black Cherry Punch, everybody is our Best Friend.  And, that is a Wonderful place to be.


Go Steady Black Cherry Punch by FIGR (Pyxus International)

Go Steady Black Cherry Punch by FIGR (Pyxus International) is another amazing Black Cherry Strain.  While BLKMKT’s Cherry Punch is harder hitting with stronger THC, Go Steady Black Cherry Punch is a lot cheaper with similar effects albeit a lower intensity.

THC:   20.8%

Terpenes:  1.3%

Quality:  8.2

Intensity:  8.0

Duration:  8.0

Total:  8.06

Cost:  $32.95 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  Maybe, we would like to see a larger volume offering.  FIGR delivered a good rendition of Black Cherry Punch at a more affordable price.  The “high” is similar to the other Black Cherry Punch on the shelves.

On an investment note, central to moving forward, monitoring LPs’ key metrics would be their larger volume offerings and the resulting revenue growth and increase profitability.  Public LPs with recent large volume product offerings include TGOD, Supreme Cannabis and WEEDMD.  If we are right, their revenues should increase dramatically with improved profitability.  Let’s keep an eye on them for fun.