Strain Integrity

From the OCS website, ” Lemon Dory by SKOSHA is a sativa-dominant strain that produces large, dense colourful buds. Lemon Dory’s unique terpene profile enhances its pleasant citrus aroma. It’s available in dried flower and pre-rolls. This flower produced by SKOSHA is packaged in a moisture-locking bag and is non-irradiated.

Note:  Under Strain Name, on the OCS website, this strain is Lemon Nigerian.  From a number of websites, Lemon Nigerian is a cross between Nigerian Hashplant and Lemon OG Kush.

A Dory to a Creative Wonderland

Lemon Dory by Skosha packaged on June 19, 2020, cost $21.95 for 3.5 grams with 15.94% THC and a sweet exotic peppery citrusy scent.  Our test amount was 0.26 grams.

The “high” started right away and we forgot what we were doing, which was a recording session.  We forgot to record.  Somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes, a  creative mind bomb went off and derailed our recoding session.  This is only 16.94% THC hitting like a mid-20% THC strain.  Drowning in a creative euphoric downpour, this Lemon Dory is a Sativa “Head Shot.”

Forty five minutes into the session, the “high” delivered a pristine clear euphoric optimistic and creative state of mind and presence.  It was interesting to note the bud structure and “high” is very similar to Broken Coast’s Moresby, which is a fantastic coffee replacement.  Lemon Dory’s “high” intensity dropped after the first hour for another hour of very chilled joyful vibes.

Activity pairing for Lemon Dory is best first thing in the morning with a cup of Java to super size the day.  The clean refreshing energy burst makes Lemon Dory the perfect coffee replacement.


Lemon Dory (Lemon Nigerian) by Skosha

Originally priced at $41.95 for 3.5 grams, this was a “42% Price Drop!” Lemon Dory motivated review.  Our initial reaction when we saw the 15.94% THC was disheartening.  But, this Lemon Drop packs a “Big Bang.”  At $21.95 for 3.5 grams, this Lemon Drop by Skosha is a Screaming Buy.

THC:  15.94%

Quality:  8.3

Intensity:  8.2

Duration:  8.0

Total:  8.17

Cost:  $21.95 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again? Absolutely, Yes.  Can we get 7 grams or more?   For Sativa fans, pick some up before it’s gone.  We would buy Lemon Dory for a $175 an ounce in 8 x 3.5 grams containers?  That’s environmental suicide!

On an investment note, after our first Skosha review, we would not have tried Skosha’s Lemon Dory without the 42% price drop.  First impression is really important and an overpriced product is seldom a positive experience.  For all those LPs selling products above $50 for 3.5 grams, good luck in finding a sustainable business model.