Strain Integrity

From the OCS website, ” Greybeard’s Vape Cartridges start from the same premium Live Resin as their Terp Slush dab products, which means they are carefully made with extract sourced from fresh cannabis grown outdoors in Simcoe, Ontario.

As they harvest, their crop is flash-frozen, suspending the cannabinoids and terpenes until finally extracted through their proprietary hydrocarbon process.

The result is an aromatic and flavourful Live Resin, retaining twice the terpene content vs. CO2-extracted dried flower, and allowing them to capture a lush and vivid representation of their beautiful SLK trees at the peak of their outdoor bloom.

Greybeard uses premium AVD 510 Thread cartridges with a 2.0 aperture to ensure a smooth and consistent draw with maximum flavour and a minimum of off-notes, and the unique sliding-top Greybeard tin offers you a premium, reusable and fully recyclable package that minimizes waste.

The Best distillate on the Market?

Live Resin SLK by Greybeard (Thrive Cannabis) packaged on September 11, 2020, cost $64.95 for 0.5 grams with 81.76% THC.  Our test amount was 5 x 2 seconds draw.

The “high” starts during a tasty inhalation session of 5 x 2 seconds draw.  SLK Live Resin’s “high” is a steady rise in intensity after inhalation ended.  Over the first ten minutes, SLK Live Resin’s intensity increase coupled with joy and creativity expressions unfolding to deliver a “High” progression similar to a flower “High.”  There is a buzzy feel with the increase uplifting euphoria.

Fifteen minutes into the session, we were fully transported to a timeless euphoric creative and joyful space.   As the buzziness subside, the “high” is replaced with a growing stream of clear euphoric and creative flow of consciousness.  The music begins to multiplex into multi-dimensional space transforming us into a supernatural being.  This is da best distillate concentrate we have tried delivering a warm Spiritual experience.  The “high” lasted two hours, which is amazing for a vaping distillate.

Activity pairing is for any event requiring a strong transformative “high.”  The ease of use is the key value add for this Live Resin SLK.  The strong time dilation is also very good for making special fleeting moments more memorable.


SLK Live Resin by Greybeard (Thrive Cannabis)

The best in cannabis vaping is here.  SLK Live Resin by Greybeard is hands down the best vape “high” we have experienced. The “high” is a full bodied multi-expressions experience.  Live Resin is as pure as it gets for concentrates capturing the fidelity of the flower’s “high” in Technicolor.

THC:  84.02%

Quality:  9.6

Intensity:  9.0

Duration:  8.2

Total:  8.93

Cost:  $64.95 for 0.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  Yes. The extraction of Live Resin without the use of chemicals produce a richer fuller and more natural concentrate with a warmer “high.”  Yes, this is very expensive product but the experience is worth the price, in our humble opinion.

On an investment note, Greybeard’s flash frozen, low pressure and low temperature extraction is a cutting edge extraction process that produces superior distillate  concentrates.   While it is clear Greybeard SLK Live Resin cartridge is superior to every distillate we have tried to date, we noted the overall prices of distillates are dropping significantly.  Really cheap distillate concentrate is a Win-Win for both consumer and producer and can shift the consumption profile of cannabis products in the market place.  Something to keep an eye on ….