Strain Integrity

According to Leafly, ” Wappa is a 60% indica-dominant hybrid bred by Paradise Seeds that delivers happy, uplifting effects alongside an intense fruity flavor.

From 7 Acres, ” Back and better than ever, Wappa 49 was selected after an intensive phenotype hunt to find the most exotic and fruity aromatic profile. Dank tropical notes fill the room and conjure memories of sunny beaches and palm trees. Beautiful, dense and chunky buds coated with milky white trichomes produce smooth smoke and intense deep fruit flavours. Take a trip to the tropics with Wappa 49. Wappa 49 is a visually impressive (indica dominant) strain with a highly pleasing deep fruit aroma.

A Balanced Experience

Wappa 49 by 7 Acres (Supreme Cannabis) packaged on February 24, 2021, cost $32.95 for 3.5 grams with 19.59% THC and a strong sweet exotic floral scent.  Our test amount was 0.26 grams.

The “high” starts immediately after inhalation with a slight pressure on our brains and a buzzing in the air as Euphoria enters the room.  Not a bad start with under 20% THC as the intense sweet exotic floral scent delivered the Bang.   Time compression sped up Time to remove any connection with reality setting us a drift without directions.  We lost the first 15 minutes quickly before Time dilation kicked in to slow down the World.  Accelerate and slow down … nice.

Wappa 49 by 7 Acres is a perfect blend of euphoria, blissfulness and creativity in equal parts.  This is the hybrid sativa genre not unlike Blue Dream, Jean Guy and White Widow.   There is blissfulness and no edginess.   Creativity is not over whelming but serves to entertain in the background.  The euphoria ties together these three elements perfectly.  And, we have Wappa 49.

Activity pairing is best in the evening time slots.  Wappa 49 is an Indica and the endpoints are typically horizontal in nature.  Wappa 49 is great for some “Me” time to refresh and rejuvenate.


Wappa 49 by 7 Acres (Supreme Cannabis)

Wappa 49 by 7 Acres first impression with the strong earthy gassy floral scent backed up with a strong meditative experience is a “Stress Crusher. ” Wappa 49 euphoric blissful “high” coupled with a smooth creative flow brings together a balance blend of Sativa and Indica.  Wappa fans should give this a try.

THC:  19.59%

Quality:  8.3

Intensity:  8.1

Duration:  8.0

Total:  8.13

Cost:  $32.95 for 3.5 grams.

Would we buy this again?  Yes.  We would buy it again just so we can smell it again.  Good smelling “Weed” usually translate to a good “High” experience.  And, $32.95 for 3.5 grams is a decent value.

On an investment note,  Supreme will be announcing their 3Q/2021 results May 13, 2021.  In Q2/2021, Supreme had 54% Quarter over Quarter (QoQ) revenue growth.  With a strong balance sheet, positive cash flow and growing revenues, Supreme Cannabis seem poised to deliver to their shareholders until Canopy’s acquisition offer … and unless something happens, Canopy will own Supreme Cannabis.