Strain Integrity

From the OCS website, ” RIFF is all about creative collaboration, especially when it’s two sativa juggernauts like Jean Guy x Super Lemon Haze. Don’t let the lemony and citrus-sweet notes of this RIFF on the classics fool you–this high THC extract comes in around 76% THC creating a true cannabis experience.

RIFF’s unique extraction process preserves cannabis terpenes and reintroduces them back into the THC extract. This process allows users to experience and enjoy the natural flavours of cannabis. RIFF 510 Cartridges contain no additives and are filled with 90% cannabis distillate and 10% cannabis derived terpenes for the truest representation of the cannabis plant.

Elevate your vape with 100% cannabis and 100% cannabis terps.

A Sale we couldn’t refuse

Jean Guy x Super Lemon Haze by RIFF (Aphria) packaged on September 1, 2020, cost $22.95 on Sale for 0.5 grams with 74.17% THC.  Our test amount was 3 x 3 seconds draw.

The “high” hits with an understated intensity in the first ten minutes.  Starting with a clear light pristine euphoric lift, the “high” quickly turned into a torrential creative downpour over a thick time dilation to Temporally displace us.  “Bam” we got suckered punched.  We can find elements of Super Lemon Haze and Jean Guy in this “high.”

Twenty minutes into the session, the “high” continues to modulate bringing a sense of internal acceleration like a roller coaster.  There is more than just time dilation and missing memory at work, which are present in copious quantity.   There are also expressions of creativity, joy and a strong euphoric sense.  This is a very nice “high.”  On cue, at the hour mark, the Jean Guy x Super Lemon Haze distillate “high” drops to less than 50% of peak intensity.

Activity pairing is for anytime a convenient quick “Hit” is desired.


Jean Guy x Super Lemon Haze 510 Cart by RIFF (Aphria)

Jean Guy x Super Lemon Haze by RIFF (Aphria) was a cheap distillate impulsive purchase review.  At $22.95 for 0.5 grams, this is a cheap “high.”  We actually think at this price, we get more Bang from 0.5 grams of distillate compared to 3.5 grams of Flowers.  And, distillate prices are dropping.

THC:  74.17%

Quality:  8.5

Intensity:  8.4

Duration:  8.0

Total:  8.3

Cost:  $22.95 for 0.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  Yes, at $22.95 for 0.5 grams this is a very good deal.  Distillate prices are dropping and we think there is more room to drop.  The quality of distillate “high” is also improving.  This Jean Guy x Super Lemon Haze delivered a good approximation of a flower “high” experience.  Drop by your friendly neighbourhood brick & mortar store and see if there are distillate sales ….

On an investment note, the proliferation of distillate concentrate can be seen with 15 pages of Distillate products on the OCS Vape page.  Distillate products offer LPs a chance to salvage unsold flowers by turning them into concentrates.  When prices for distillates drop to the prices we are seeing, the economic crossover to distillate concentrate from flowers becomes very compelling.