Strain Integrity

From the OCS website, ” Stop and smell the flowers.

Quality meets fantastic value in this specially curated sweet and floral blend of pre-shredded whole-flower.

A combination of aromas with sweet and floral notes.

Because everyone deserves to buy themselves flowers every now and then.

Solid Cheap Time Killer

Flower Power by SHRED (Organigram) packaged on April 17th, 2021, cost $28.50 for 7 grams with 19.8% THC and a faint floral pepper scent.  Out test amount was 0.26 grams.

In our first attempt, the “high” took us by surprise and we forgot we were doing a review.   More attentive in our second attempt, we noted the “high” started immediately after inhalation.   While there was intense euphoria, it was the badly crippled memory meltdown that prevented getting anything done.  There’s a “Pop” in  energy and a heighten fuzzy logic.  Yep, this is a nice hybrid “high.”

We noted all the SHRED products have a couple of common “high” effects like strong time dilation and debilitating missing-in-action memory.   These two effects combined can disorientate to create a sense of being really “high.”   Flower Power also delivers strong wakeup energy with a creative haze.  Half an hour disappears, as we zoom along the super “high” way.  This is a solid Time Killer.

Activity pairing is best for getting chores done, a quick energy and mental pickup, buffering between consuming Premium strains, or just kill some time.  While Flower Power does not deliver a bouquet of expressions, the “high” has a forceful euphoric presence and enough entertaining creative elements to be enjoyable.


Flower Power by SHRED (Organigram)

Flower Power by SHRED (Organigram) is a cheap and potent hybrid blend delivering a mind bending time destroying “high.”  This Flower Power brings a slightly different flavour to the “high” compared to Tropic Thunder, or Gnarberry.  For the price and effect, if you see it, buy it.

THC:  19.8%

Quality:  8.0

Intensity:  8.1

Duration:  8.0

Total:  8.03

Cost:  $28.50 for 7 grams

Would we buy this again?  Yes.  Of the 3 SHRED flavours, in order of preference, we liked Tropic Thunder, Gnarberry and Flower Power.  Tropic Thunder delivered a vibrant Sativa “high.” Gnarberry delivered a fruity Indica cerebral body “high.”  Flower Power delivered something between a Cheese and a Sativa “high,” a hybrid blend feeling more sativa.   Bottom line is these SHREDs are cheap and potent Cannabis.

On an investment note, as of April 13, 2021, Organigram has $232 million in cash after paying off their debt as a result of a $221 million investment from BAT, a British Tobacco company.  Organigram also deepen their bet in edibles by the acquisition of Winnipeg based The Edibles and Infusion Company.  The future of Organigram is now in the hands of BAT’s deep pocket.