Strain Integrity

From the OCS website, ” Royal City’s Jazzberry was selected for its fruity berry aroma, indica-dominant traits, globular trichome structures and dark green and subtle purple colours. The RC Jazzberry Pressed Ice Hash pairs a potent THC with a pleasant fruity berry flavour. Our pressed ice hash products are hand crafted using high grade flowers to create an extremely pure extract. This starts with growing indoors to maturity, hang dried and hand processing to ensure exceptional flower gets into the ice washer. This small batch solventless extraction process creates very pure bubble hash that is pressed into a friendly format for consumption – a unique process led by our Chef de Hashish. The RC Jazzberry Ice Hash input flower comes from a Blueberry x Unnamed Afghani cross that expresses earthy berry flavour (limonene, beta-myrcene, trans-caryophyllene, humulene). Royal City Cannabis Co. is an independent employee-owned craft cannabis producer. Our roots run deep, and our standards are high.  ”

A Gold Seal “High”

RC Jazzberry Pressed Ice Hash by Royal City Cannabis Co. packaged on March 24, 2021, cost $49.95 for 1.05 gram with 62.09% THC 2.8% Terpenes and a scent of leather with hints of floral something.  Our test amount was 0.10 grams.

This is the strangest hash we have encountered and consumed.  The “high” starts during inhalation and we discovered this is bubble hash as it “Bubbles.”  The “high” is immediate as expected with a strong after taste of oil.  This is an intense “high” with a strong reality disorientation from disconnecting with time and linearity of being.  Auditory enhancement is in full effect.  This is a psychedelic experience.  Yum.

Ten, twenty and thirty minutes are meaningless elements of reality in the World of RC Jazzberry Pressed Ice Hash.  This hard strange looking leather smelling hash breaks up to a fine powder that bubbles when heated.  It taste like it smells.  And than, the Magic happens.  A strong euphoric tsunami rips through time and space fusing creativity joyfulness and blissful acceleration to completely transform reality.  We can get use to this old country hashish “high” comparable to a good black Afghani buzz.  RC Jazzberry Pressed Ice Hash is an intense elevated wide awake euphoric creative psychedelic experience.

Activity pairing is itself.  RC Jazzberry Pressed Ice Hash is the activity.  Make some free time and go on a “Trip.”


RC Jazzberry Pressed Ice Hash by Royal City Cannabis Co. (CannTx Life Sciences Inc.)

RC Jazzberry Pressed Ice Hash by Royal City Cannabis Co. delivered an intense psychedelic “high” reminiscing of the Gold Seal Black Afghani Hash “high.”  This is also the highest THC hashish reviewed.  The only downside is the amazing psychedelic experience only last about 45 minutes before the intensity dropped to a more human level.  We do get a full 4 hours effect with about two hours of deep relax vibes for a very satisfying “high.”  Yea, it is also the most expensive hash reviewed.

THC:  62.09%

Quality:  9.5

Intensity:  9.3

Duration:  8.8

Total:  9.2

Cost:  $49.95 for 1 gram

Would we buy this again?  Unfortunately, yes.  This is so expensive and so good.  Back in the good old days, Gold Seal Black Afghani goes for $10 to $12 a gram when all the other hash would sell for $5 to $7 a gram.   This RC Jazzberry Pressed Ice Hash reminds us of that psychedelic Gold Seal Black Afghani hash “high.”  We skirted on the Edge of Anxiety.

On an investment note, the CannTx Life Science Inc.’s team ” leverages 7 PhD’s, 11 Masters degrees and close to 100 years of cannabis cultivation experience to drive innovation, advance the deployment of new technologies, and partner with private and public research institutions for commercial benefit. ”  We are very impressed.