Strain Integrity

From the OCS website, ” Commonly known as PG-13, or “Parental Guidance”, is a potent indica-dominant hybrid created by cross breeding the rare HP-13 and G-13 strains. It has dense, solid, trichome covered buds, with green and purple hues. It has a light coffee scent brought out by our curing process, and a slightly skunky, fruity aroma when given a little squeeze.

From, ” PG-13, or “Parental Guidance” as it’s more commonly known, is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain created through a cross of the rare HP-13 X G-13 strains. Even though it’s hard to come by, PG-13 is a great choice for someone who wants a bud that packs a deep stone and slightly energized effects. The high starts with a happy and uplifted effect that leaves you with a sense of creative energy that motivates you to get to work on tasks that don’t require too much thought or focus. As the high builds, you’ll begin to fall victim to spaciness and a heavy head stone that doesn’t decrease your energy but leaves you calm and relaxed. These effects paired with its high 10-18% average THC level make PG-13 ideal for treating conditions such as chronic pain, mood swings, chronic fatigue, muscle spasms, and headaches or migraines.  ”

PG13? We are older than that

HPG13 by Ritual (Cresco Pharma Limited) packaged on February 25, 2021, cost $44.95 for 3.5 grams with 20.09% THC and an uninspiring scent of dirt.  Our test amount was 0.26 grams.

HPG13’s “high” starts slowly with a calm sense of euphoria.  Past the 20 minute mark, the “high” starts to be more forceful with all the trimmings like creativity, time dilation and a slow motion rhythm of life.   It took almost 30 minutes to reach the Peak … a real creeper.

HPG13 reminded us of Greybeard’s Afghani Drifter, which is also a real creeper that took 30 minutes to unwind.  Nothing is fast in Indica Land.  Thirty minutes later, we are fully immersed in HPG13’s “high” with full body relaxation and mental stimulation for the Indica Spa treatment.  We can hear Bob Marley in the background singing “Don’t worry, Be Happy.”  Home sweet home.

Activity pairing is best for the evening time slots.  HPG13 would pair well with a chill evening of watching Netflix, or some meditative “Me” time.


HPG13 by Ritual Green (Creso Pharma Limited)

HPG13 by Ritual Green (Cresco Pharma Limited) is a creeper Indica delivering a full body and mental spa treatment.  This could be a controversial strain because reviews are made within the first 10 to 15 minutes after inhalation.  We have to wait half an hour for the full effects from HPG13.  If you like creeper “highs,” this one is for you.

THC:  20.09%

Quality:  7.9

Intensity:  7.8

Duration:  8.0

Total:  7.9

Cost:  $44.95 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  No.  For the price, HPG13 did not resonate well with us.  We even tried pumping up the volume to 0.36 grams but the intensity did not improve.  We were disappointed.

On an investment note, Cresco Pharma is an Australian LP.  Now, we understand.  We have been to Nimbin Village :) which shows how cool Australians can be.  But. nice try Mate.  You got work to do.