Strain Integrity

According to Leafly, “ Powdered Donuts is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Jet Fuel Gelato with Orange Cookies. This strain produces cerebral effects that spread throughout your body. Powdered Donuts is a mild strain that leaves you feeling happy and totally relaxed – ideal for consumers with a low THC tolerance. This strain features a tangy citrus aroma with a sweet, fruity flavor. Medical marijuana patients choose Powdered Donuts to relieve symptoms associated with depression, stress, and anxiety. Growers say this strain flowers into lumpy buds that are bright green with chunky trichome coverage. 

From the OCS website, ” Powdered Donuts, a THC potent sativa-dominant hybrid with a very unique terpene profile is a cross between Orange Cookies and Jet Fuel Gelato. This strain is grown hydroponically in rockwool in a greenhouse using state-of-the-art LED lighting to complement the natural sunlight. Powdered Donuts is always handled with care by a dedicated, passionate team who uses customized growing techniques to achieve the highest possible quality for each batch. This strain is passively dried on trays and racks, then wet trimmed using a machine. Sustainability is the name of the game when growing Powdered Donuts, always working to ensure minimal environmental impact and a low carbon footprint. Powdered Donuts features a unique terpene profile led by caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene.

Note:  Leafly’s Powdered Donuts is an Indica dominant and the OCS is a sativa dominant strain.  Jet Fuel Gelato x Orange Cookies is a promising combination.

Suspicious mind

Powdered Donuts by Indiva packaged on May 17, 2021, cost $44.95 for 3.5 grams with 23.77% THC 1.99% Total Terpenes and a faint earthy herbal scent.  Our test amount was 0.26 grams.

Our suspicious mind thought Powdered Donuts would be an interesting strain and we were right.   The “high” starts immediately after the third inhalation.  By the end of the session, this rocketship is taking off.  Euphoria like a swarm of angry bees buzz intensely around us as were get overwhelmed with sensory overload.  This Powdered Donuts  have a “Pop!” with a bigger than life “Hello!”  Ten minute later, an overdrive kicks in with internal body acceleration.

Everything including the Kitchen Sink is here.  There is body acceleration effect, sense of excitement, big time dilations, memories with a mind of its own and happiness in a creative flow.  Who doesn’t like Donuts?  This would be great on a Summer Patio with best friends creating happy memories.  Just in time to end the pandemic, make sure everyone is double vaccinated.

Activity pairing is best for the evening time slot.  While this is categorised as a Sativa, this is really a strong hybrid Sativa with deep shades of Indica.  The “high” lends itself very well as the main Starter of the evening festivities.


Powdered Donuts by Indiva

Powdered Donuts by Indiva, an Award winning Cannabis Edible producer, is an amazing strain that packs a “Pop!”  We have a suspicion Powdered Donuts is going to be interesting and we were not disappointed.

THC:  23.77%

Total Terpenes:  1.99%

Quality:  8.6

Intensity:  8.5

Duration:  8.3

Total:  8.46

Cost:  $44.95 for 3.5 grams

Would we buy this again?  Maybe.  While we really enjoyed Powdered Donuts, this is too expensive given the options available today.  For cheaper Wake & Bake, consider MTL Sage N Sour, DOJA’s C99 and Spinach’s Diesel?  But, if you have not tried Powdered Donuts, we recommend giving this rendition a try.

On an investment note,  the latest OCS report is a must read for those with a curious mind, or investing in the cannabis industry.  Edibles is only 4% of the cannabis market.  Beverage is about 2% of the cannabis market.  Unlike the California cannabis legal market where Flowers dropped below 50% of the total cannabis market in their 2nd year, the Canadian cannabis Flower market remained strong at just below 60% in our 3rd year.